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"Our success as a business is a worthy reflection of the commitment and energy of each and every member of our team."

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  • Portait of Roger Griffiths


    Technical Director

    Roger is member of the Delta-Simons Executive team and has been with Delta-Simons since 1996. Roger has broad experience of brownfield evaluation having worked with many institutional investment funds and national property developers. Roger currently provides technical support to the national project teams with particular expertise in carbon and sustainability. Roger is accountable for maintaining Delta-Simons ISO9001 accreditation, directing the implementation and management of the Quality Management System.

    Email:  |  Phone: 01522 882575
    Portait of Alex Ferguson


    Managing Director

    Alex is Managing Director and a member of the Executive team at Delta-Simons, with accountability for delivering multidisciplinary solutions to UK and international developers. He has been involved at the highest level with most of Delta-Simons key customers since joining in 2001. In this time he has gained extensive experience and knowledge of a wide range of property acquisition, development and divestiture projects. Alex has a very keen commercial awareness of how to create value from brownfield land challenges and this has gained him great respect with a wide range of property developers and investors.

    Email:  |  Phone: 01522 882568
    Portait of Jonathan Wilson


    Finance Director

    Jonathan joined Delta-Simons in 2005, he is a Board member and is part of the Executive team. Prior to joining Delta-Simons Jonathan had an impressive career in industry including spells as FD and MD at Derby-based AIM Aviation, FC at Christian Salveson and most latterly Financial Controller at Winchester Growers.

    Email:  |  Phone: 01522 882556
    Portait of Simon Brown


    Executive Director

    Simon Brown is a highly experienced consultant in due diligence and asset management services, with focus in the commercial/industrial sector and has advised on billions of pounds-worth of projects all over the world for a variety of top-level clients.

    An Environmental Consultant with 25 years experience, Simon has worked at a variety of private sector consultancies, including the privatised Scientific Branch of the Greater London Council, Wimpey Environmental, Ernest Greens (now White Young Green), WSP, Capita, BWB Consulting and Delta-Simons in its former life as a joint venture between Delta's and Simon's.

    Simon and his team will be responsible for delivering solutions to ground risk problems for clients involved with due diligence, property transaction, asset management and the Mergers & Acquisitions Market on a national and international basis.

    Simon is a member of the Executive team.

    Email:  |  Phone: 01522 882561
    Portait of Damian Robinson


    Executive Director

    Damian is a Executive Director and an experienced projects director having delivered numerous multi-jurisdictional EHS, sustainability and real estate due diligence projects over a career spanning 18 years. He has worked with leading blue chip industrial and manufacturing, logistics, financial and real estate investment clients providing support on environmental risk quantification and management strategies, as well as business resilience and future proofing initiatives to protect client assets. He was part of the senior management team of a global environmental consultancy that won Acquisition Monthly's Environmental Advisor of the Year award, three years out of five.

    Damian has a strong passion for effective CRM, strategic business planning and new market entry and positioning initiatives, which he refined during a period with a leading international marine civils contractor. He has a demonstrable track record of building profitable, energetic and highly successful teams that adopt a client-centric, commercial approach to delivering effective consultancy and the creation of long-term business partnerships built on trust.

    Damian is a member of the Executive team.

    Email:  |  Phone: 01132 123553
    Portait of Paul Bennett


    Unit Director, Geoenvironmental

    Paul joined Delta-Simons in 1996 as an Environmental Scientist and has progressed through the company to Unit Director of the Midlands region, having vast experience in brownfield site assessment in the UK and Ireland including feasibility, planning, designing and managing multi-disciplinary projects on commercial, industrial and residential landuses.

    Email:  |  Phone: 01522 882481
    Portait of Gary Coster


    Drilling Unit Manager

    Gary is the Delta-Simons Drilling Unit Manager. Gary joined Delta-Simons in 2006 and has broad experience using a range of drilling rigs and investigation techniques for both environmental and geotechnical purposes. Gary has experience of land drilling on challenging contaminated sites on both hard and soft rock.

    Email:  |  Phone: 01522 882582
    Portait of Simon Clennell-Jones


    Divisional Director, Geoenvironmental

    Simon is a Divisional Director and looks after the London office and region, having joined in 2015 after 14 years leading teams within a large global environmental consultancy. Simon's primary areas include due diligence, contaminated land, human health and controlled waters risk assessment, remediation and project management. He has an established track record in the successful delivery of large scale, complex environmental assessment work as part of multidisciplinary teams including soil, groundwater, soil vapour, indoor/outdoor air investigations, expert witness work, asbestos in soils and environmental forensics.

    Simon has provided environmental support as well as led assessments on a significant number of transactions including property in the UK and across Europe, and rapid assessment programmes for portfolios of non-performing loans. His development-related experience has ranged from small scale through to some of the more significant residential and commercial schemes in the UK, with two of his projects winning Brownfield Briefing Awards in 2014. Simon has also led site closure projects including the demolition of over 200 buildings, and the design and implementation of major remediation and earthworks programmes.

    Simon is passionate about the projects he gets involved in and combines his technical knowledge with a strong commercial approach to assess environmental challenges, and develop effective and economic solutions for Delta-Simons clients.

    Simon is also a Chartered Environmentalist (CEnv), see more.

    Email:  |  Phone: 02034 781167
    Portait of Alan Crossfield


    Unit Director, Due Diligence

    Alan is a Unit Director and leads the Transaction Support team.  Working in the property sector for 22 years, Alan's main areas of expertise are in contaminated land assessment within the Real Estate Investments and M&A sectors; advising developers, owner/occupiers and institutional investors on a range of environmental due diligence subjects, including contaminated land liabilities, flood risk, EHS compliance, energy and sustainability.

    Alan also advises multinational clients on real estate and M&A projects outside the UK, partnering with our InogenĀ® Associates.

    Email:  |  Phone: 01522 882558
    Portait of James Harrison


    Unit Director, Geotechnical

    Jim heads up Delta-Simons Geotechnical department from the Norwich regional office which he established in 2007 and acts as Unit Director of the East Anglia region. With over 20 years' experience of geotechnical and environmental site investigation Jim is a respected consultant to the property sector, particularly well known in East Anglia.

    Email:  |  Phone: 01603 699113
    Portait of Chris Hinchcliffe


    Associate, EHS

    Since joining Delta-Simons in 2006 Chris has worked with many national and multinational customers and has delivered projects for global clients through the Inogen Environmental Alliance. Chris has particular expertise in EHS compliance, environmental management systems and environmental due diligence. He also leads the delivery of energy auditing services and bulk energy procurement.

    Email:  |  Phone: 01522 882584
    Portait of Tom Horner


    Principal, Geoenvironmental

    Tom joined Delta-Simons in July 2013, having gained over 10 years' previous experience working in the UK geoenvironmental sector. Tom is a commercially focussed Project Manager, having undertaken numerous due diligence and asset management assessments for a range of well-known multi-national organisations.

    Tom has also gained significant experience in the retail, industrial and residential property sectors, and regularly provides expert advice relating to a range of greenfield and brownfield land challenges, including remediation requirements, shallow coal mining risks and waste classification matters.

    Email:  |  Phone: 01522 882572
    Portait of Kelvin Hughes


    Technical Director

    Kelvin is a chartered geologist and SiLC, and has 26 years of experience providing client focused solutions to resolve environmental challenges. Kelvin has extensive experience in due diligence and compliance auditing, environmental planning and assessment and redevelopment of land subjected to contaminative use within the property development, manufacturing, chemical, oil and gas and public sectors.

    Email:  |  Phone: 01612 093322
    Portait of Paul Huteson


    Principal, Geoenvironmental

    Paul joined Delta-Simons as an Environmental Scientist in May 2007. Over his 16 years with the company he has worked closely with the Tesco account and contributed towards several regional projects throughout the business. Paul continued his professional development whilst rising through the ranks at the company and has since gone on to become a Project Manager.

    Email:  |  Phone: 01522 823335
    Portait of Mike O'Halloran


    Principal, Geoenvironmental

    Mike joined Delta Simons at the beginning of 2015 to lead the Geoenvironmental team in the newly established Leeds office. Mike brings with him nine years' experience working within the geoenvironmental sector in the North, as well as a range of experience on investigations and environmental assessments across the UK. His project experience includes former gas works, collieries, chemical facilities, petroleum storage facilities, ports, industrial premises, Part 2A as well as greenfield sites.

    Mike prioritises providing best value advice to his clients and aligns himself to their commercial objectives and has worked on a variety of schemes from small residential to large commercial property portfolios. He has provided advice throughout project lifecycles with respect to client's environmental liabilities, geotechnical constraints, coal mining risks, remediation and validation.

    Email:  |  Phone: 01132 123555
    Portait of Richard Lawless


    Unit Director, Geoenvironmental

    Richard is Unit Director for the northern regions, and has over 18 years' consultancy experience in contaminated land, remediation and environmental due diligence. Richard is responsible for leading the Delta-Simons Geoenvironmental Operations team in Manchester, Leeds and Durham, providing contaminated land, geotechnical and environmental due diligence services and support to a growing client base.

    Email:  |  Phone: 01612 093322
    Portait of Charlotte Sanderson


    Associate, Ecology

    Charlotte leads the ecology department at Delta-Simons and has broad experience in the field, having worked on a wide range of development projects including, road schemes, waste incinerator sites, coastal defence schemes, and residential, commercial and industrial property.

    Since joining Delta-Simons, Charlotte has managed complex biodiversity projects including a number of multi-species survey programmes and is responsible for the planning and undertaking of field studies, impact assessments and mitigation for bats, great crested newts, badgers, water voles, otters and reptiles.

    Charlotte is also qualified to complete works under the Bat Low Impact Class Licence (BLICL), see more.

    Email:  |  Phone: 01522 581821
    Portait of Simon Steele


    Principal, Geoenvironmental

    Simon Steele is a Principal Geoenvironmental Consultant and Team Leader at Delta-Simons. Simon has over 10 years' experience working on a variety of multi-discipline projects for a number of UK based clients across both commercial and residential developments. Simon also has extensive experience in team management, preparation of proposals, project planning, sub-contractor management, geotechnical assessments, and data assessment.

    Email:  |  Phone: 01522 823336
    Portait of Dan Webb


    Principal, Geoenvironmental

    Joining Delta-Simons towards the end of 2013 as a Project Manager, Dan brings more than 14 years' of experience dealing with contaminated land remediation, geotechnical, environmental due diligence and development led projects.

    Email:  |  Phone: 01522 882571
    Portait of Tim Wheeler


    Principal, Geoenvironmental

    Tim joined the Norwich office in 2010 and is now responsible for growing the East Anglia regional business unit.

    Tim brings with him over 10 years of experience in the geoenvironmental field, particularly in East Anglia, and has led a number of prominent projects in the region including working as resident engineer on the Nar-Ouse Redevelopment in Kings Lynn, as well as numerous technically challenging chalk-working assessments in the Norwich area.

    Tim has specialist expertise in geotechnical site investigations, Phase I and II environmental and geo-environmental assessments, and the management of remediation projects.

    Email:  |  Phone: 01603 699111
    Portait of Ali Yarrow


    Unit Director, EIA

    Joining Delta-Simons in 2014 as Environmental Planning Unit Director, Ali brings over 15 years hands-on experience in environmental consultancy to the company. Ali has worked in a multitude of differing roles within the sector including appointments as an environmental audit co-ordinator, contaminated land consultant, and auditing and technical team manager.

    Having gained several years' experience managing large project teams and working with client/design teams to deliver complex EIA and planning reports for major applications, Ali has worked across multiple sectors including energy and waste, linear civil projects, food and drink, and commercial & residential.

    Having also worked on client side for a low carbon developer, Ali's also brings significant appreciation for early stage input and recognition of key development constraints, as well as commercial solutions and alternative options.

    Email:  |  Phone: 01132 123552
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