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About Delta-Simons

Delta-Simons has been working with industrial, commercial and residential developers, retailers, industrial manufacturers, fund managers, institutional investors, hi-tech companies, public sector and charitable organisations since 1992, providing trusted environmental advice.

We provide Geo-environmental, EHS, Environmental Planning, Ecology, Sustainability and Wellbeing services at a regional and national level within the UK, as well as internationally through the Inogen® Environmental Alliance, a global network of over 4,330 environmental specialists.

Our timeline



Company formed
Delta-Simons first formed as a joint venture with Delta Environmental Consultants, Minneapolis, USA and Simons Group of Lincoln, UK



Delta-Simons was acquired and formed QDS Environmental Limited



Demerge & Relaunch
Demerged from QDS Environmental Limited.  Delta-Simons Environmental Consultants relaunched as an Independant Limited company



Regional - Norwich
First regional office opened in Norwich



Regional - Durham
Regional office opened in Durham to support client base in North East



Regional - various
Regional offices opened in Manchester, Leeds, London and Dublin



Regional - Nottingham
Regional office opened in Nottingham to support client base in Midlands

Our mission statement and core values are underpinned by the belief that key account management and client relationships, based on trust and respect for the advice we provide, is paramount to our success as a business. 

We are proud of a reputation that delivers projects to organisations across the UK and around the world, and still maintain the flexibility, personal attention and cohesiveness lost by the multinational consultancy groups.

We believe that key account management and client relationships based on trust and respect for the advice we provide is paramount to our success as a business. Assembling the best team to deliver a project is an essential design element for a successful project.

Delta-Simons is proud to be a founder member of the Inogen Environmental Alliance, enabling us to efficiently deliver customer projects worldwide by calling upon over 4,300 resources in our global network of consultants, read more.