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Active Threat is a term used to describe any situation which poses an immediate danger to life including fire, violence, coordinated attacks, structural damage and natural disasters. In recent years, the risk of violent attacks has increased significantly – with major incidents occurring globally.


A Delta-Simons client recognised that its brand and high-profile locations such as shopping malls and popular high streets, ‘Active Threat’ was a significant risk. As a result, the development and implementation of an Active Threat programme was required – covering what employees should do in the event of an emergency – in the context of the company’s corporate identity and ethos.

Outline / Scope of Works

Delta-Simons was instructed to deliver an Active Threat awareness programme for employees including:

  • ‘Run, Hide, Tell’ awareness and actions
  • Designation of Shelter-in-Place locations
  • Facilitation of store evacuation and Shelter-in-Place drills
  • Use of Emergency Alert System’s
  • Emergency Response Plans (ERP)

Outcome / Client Benefits

Liaising with landlords, Delta-Simons ensured that the Active Threat programme was fully aligned to that of the landlords and mall management – preventing potential conflict during emergency situations.

Regular evacuation drills were undertaken to ensure that trained fire marshals continue to use and practice their responsibilities, and all employees and customers can exit effectively.

Delta-Simons worked to identify suitable locations for emergency shelters were in place - where employees and customers can retreat to in the event that it is not safe to leave. Shelter-in-Place drills were also facilitated to ensure that all employees were aware of the procedures.

Delta-Simons encouraged employees to sign up to a voluntary emergency text alert service where all employees based in at a location receive notification and instructions in the event of an incident. An engagement rate of >85% was targeted and achieved.  

Emergency Response Plans (ERP) were produced and disseminated to all stores. All ERPs have been written in a consistent global corporate format but including all relevant site-specific details – including emergency exit routes, shelter-in-place locations and emergency contact details.

The Active Threat programme is continuous with the aim of reaching as many employees as possible. Feedback suggests that employees are better engaged and feel greater value when the team provides this in person training.