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The Land Trust is a charity committed to the long term sustainable management of open space that delivers environmental, social and economic benefit.


Delta-Simons was asked by the Land Trust to carry out environmental risk evaluations for 38 sites.

The Land Trust wanted to fully understand the environmental and ground condition risks for their property portfolio which included ancient woodland and greenfield sites, through to collieries and landfills that had been reclaimed, restored or remediated. These sites were either being used or would be used as public open spaces for the benefit of the community.

Outline / Scope of Works

A significant amount of varying information was held on file for the sites which needed to be reviewed in order to submit concise Summary Reports and an overall Risk Register for the Land Trust's property portfolio. Delta-Simons also identified the viability to obtain environmental insurance for each site.

To fully support the gathering of this information, Delta-Simons designed a bespoke web-based platform, which enables the Client to provide effective risk management for their portfolio. The platform also allows the Client to access each site's specific environmental information directly, using location points, image layering and data aggregation in one portfolio-wide dashboard.

Outcome / Client Benefits

The online platform helps to support development feasibility, asset management, EH&S compliance and portfolio due diligence for the Land Trust's sites. It also provides a secure area for the storage of site data in a single location which is accessible to permitted users at all times and locations.  

The platform is now used for all ongoing Land Trust environmental assessments and due diligence services provided by Delta-Simons.

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