Environmental Permit Application Support - Baseline Site Conditions

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Contaminated Land

Contaminated Land Consultants

Delta-Simons was instructed by the Client to determine and assess the baseline soil and groundwater conditions at their Site, in order to support a new application for a Part A(2) Environmental Permit.


At the time of the study, the Client carried out the following operations at their Site:

  • Crushing of turnings (processing of titanium wastes into swarf);
  • Decontamination of turnings (titanium turnings dried in gas-fired rotary driers to remove machining oil residue); and
  • Melting processes (operation of two electric induction furnaces for melting of decontaminated titanium turnings).

The Client requested that a Site Condition Report be prepared which was achieved via undertaking a targeted ground investigation, followed by succinct reporting of the current state of ground conditions at the Site, as well as providing recommendations for further actions prior to applying for the Permit. 

Scope of Works

  • Delta-Simons initially conducted a desk study, in order to review historical, regulatory, geological and hydrological information relating to the Site and surrounding area, ultimately identifying potential sources of contamination.
  • Drilling of six boreholes across the Site (up to 4.3 m bgl), in locations predetermined to target potential legacy and / or current contamination sources identified in the desk study, as well as to give adequate Site coverage. Particular areas of interest included the location of a disused underground fuel storage tank, as well as ground in the vicinity of an interceptor, above ground diesel storage tank and an area of waste drum storage.
  • Soil and groundwater sampling, from locations across the Site underwent laboratory analysis to test for a range of potential contaminants, typical of industrial sites. These test results were then assessed by Delta-Simons, including comparison with concentrations typical of industrial facilities.
  • Compilation of desk study and ground investigation data within a Site Condition Report, stating observed soil and groundwater conditions (the baseline conditions), as well as providing informed recommendations for supplementary works prior to applying for the Part A(2) Environmental Permit.

Outcomes & Client Benefits

  • Upon request from the Client, Delta-Simons provided a baseline Site Condition Report, informed by desk study and ground investigation data, supporting the future application for a Part A(2) Environmental Permit.
  • The scope was ultimately designed to provide a sufficient level of detail for assessing baseline site conditions, whilst remaining cost and time effective.
  • The delivery of transparent and succinct information by Delta-Simons, enabled the Client to act upon the recommendations made; consequently, allowing the Permit to be applied for and Site operations to continue.