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The Client wished to undertake Environment, Social & Governance (ESG) appraisals for a multi-site portfolio including energy efficiency and health & safety improvements.


Delta-Simons are proud to have supported Clearbell Capital LLP in providing Environment, Social & Governance (ESG) appraisals for a selection of their sites during investment activities, complimenting Environmental Due Diligence works, with the aim of identifying enhancements to the future value of the assets and benefits to tenants in line with Clearbell’s stated aims and objectives towards responsible investment as set out in their Sustainability Policy.

A bespoke report was prepared for each site tailored to the Clients intentions for the future use and considering the surrounding environment and potential Client benefits, along with those of tenants who occupy the properties.

Scope of Works

A senior team of in-house environmental and social assessment specialists, experienced in assessing and advising on options for a broad range of development types undertook an initial appraisal workshop to recommend ESG initiatives that would provide one or more of the following benefits:

- Air quality improvements.                            

- Ecological or bio-diversity benefit.

- Energy efficiency and/or savings.                

- Health & safety improvements.

- Light pollution reduction.                            

- Local community benefit.

- Sustainability and climate change benefits.  

- Transport improvements, incl. non-motorised users.

- Water discharge improvements.                  

- Waste reduction and management improvements.

Following the workshop, the initiatives were reviewed to ensure their viability whilst also providing a benefit to Clearbell in any of the following ways:

▲      Performance Improvement of the asset;

▲      Enhanced Capital Value; and/or

▲      Publicity/Profile Gain.

Outcomes / Client Benefit

▲      The Client was provided with a bespoke set of initiatives for each asset, that had the potential to deliver a direct ESG benefit.

▲      Each report had a quick turnaround as required by the Client.

▲      The report was tailored to help meet their specific corporate ESG policies and offered a physical means to implement them.

The technical team provided practicable options that would be suitable for asset management, refurbishment or redevelopment purposes, keeping in line local and national policy.