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Environmental training is essential to help maintain compliance, ensure business continuity and improve efficiency. Whilst not everyone in the business will have direct control over environmental issues, it is important for all employees to participate in order to ensure everyone is clear on responsibilities and the consequences of ineffective environmental management.


Large multinational companies want to ensure that all employees receive the appropriate training that provides a consistent message with regards to company procedures but also reflects local compliance requirements. Delta Simons regularly work with multinational organisations to develop bespoke content to ensure training is targeted and specific for each region where a company may operate.

Outline / Scope of Works

Delta-Simons recently delivered EHS compliance audits for one of the world’s leading technology companies. Following on from this work we were asked to develop bespoke environmental training packages for employees working within their data centres.   

The topics covered included waste management, spill response and air emissions. We reviewed similar training packages that had been delivered for the client by our associates in the US at Inogen (the Global Environmental Alliance we co-founded with presence in 120 countries) and adapted the content based on our knowledge of site operations and our understanding of local compliance requirements. 

As the training was designed to be carried out via e-learning on the company intranet, we recorded voice-over versions of the presentations using a detailed script to accompany each slide.

Outcome / Client Benefits

Due to the large difference in the regulatory landscape between the US and Europe, the US version of the training differed hugely from the final Irish specific content, demonstrating that the US training would not have been of appropriate to use in Ireland. This proved invaluable to the client as they did not have the internal resources to create this content.

The training sessions are concise and can be taken on demand by all new and existing staff members, ensuring a cost effective and long-lasting solution for the client.

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