Geo-Environmental Ground Investigation, Parkway, Kings Lynn

  • Parkway, Kings Lynn Site Plan




Delta-Simons was instructed by Lovell Partnerships Ltd to produce a Preliminary Geo-Environmental Risk Assessment (PRA) and Ground Investigation for the Site located adjacent to Parkway, Kings Lynn for a residential development.

The PRA indicated that the Site was likely underlain by a sequence of Topsoil or Made Ground underlain by Tidal Flat Deposits (Secondary Aquifer Undifferentiated), and bedrock of the Kimmeridge Clay Formation (Unproductive Strata).

Potentially substantial geohazards were identified associated with the underlying tidal flat deposits which were considered to pose a risk to the foundations of the proposed development due to the effects of frost heave and shrink and swell associated with trees and also the presence of peat. Piled foundations were likely to be required.

Scope of Works

▲      Delta-Simons initially undertook a desk study, in order to review historical, regulatory, geological and hydrological information relating to the Site and surrounding area.

▲      Ground investigation was achieved through drilling of boreholes to depths of 30m bgl, coupled with Cone Penetration Testing (CPT), across the Site.

▲      Infiltration testing was undertaken with BRE365 compliant soakaways also completed across the Site.

▲      Extensive geotechnical laboratory testing was undertaken to determine heave/shrink potential.

Outcomes / Client Benefit

A detailed comprehensive ground investigation was completed due to the potential for poor ground conditions identified within the PRA.

From these works, it was possible to zone the Site to allow traditional foundations in areas of more competent ground and piles (and associated pile design) in areas where poor ground was encountered.