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Contract Overview

Delta-Simons is a multidisciplinary environmental health and safety consultancy providing trusted training services to clients both national and globally.

Our Environmental Health and Safety team was appointed by a globally operating technology company to develop a bespoke, virtual return to work information package. Through our international capabilities, our team have worked with our global tech client both within the UK and across Europe, Middle East, and Africa (EMEA) for several years. Our team supported our client throughout the pandemic whilst their corporate offices were either closed or open with very minimal occupancy and their employees working from home. 

Ahead of offices reopening across the UK and EMEA, we were asked to create a virtual, engaging Return to Work Building Orientation information package which would be communicated to all their employees.

The aim of this package was to raise awareness of practical building specific information, health and safety compliance information including fire safety, first aid and emergency response. 

A general EMEA wide training package was produced, and this included less site-specific information.

Contract Challenges

As the Client’s employees prepared to return to offices, it became clear that there was a requirement for information to be provided around Environmental Health and Safety (EHS) and their workplaces, particularly as many employees had been recruited during the pandemic and had never been to one of the offices before. Many longer-standing employees also hadn’t been to the offices for a few years so it was likely that many would have forgotten information previously provided. 

The client requested that the Building Orientations be site-specific for the UK and exist as a resource which could be used short-term by the business until a more sophisticated and long-term training program could be implemented. 

The general EMEA wide training package needed to be created so that the information was applicable to multiple regions. The information contained in this package was therefore not specific to any building but did reference (and include links to) office specific resources which could be accessed on the company intranet. 

The client wanted to avoid producing information which would require regular updates and lots of ongoing admin to maintain.

Our Solution

Our team trialled the use of an online training platform. An initial demo Building Orientation was compiled to showcase the look and feel of what could possibly be created. The client has expectations regarding the look and feel of information shared with their business, so it was important that what we presented met these expectations. The demo was presented to the client via video conferencing. 

Once the client had reviewed and approved the look and feel, we proposed a list of content which we believed was essential and relevant for the UK and EMEA and then began compiling a package for each location.

Upon completion of the draft Building Orientation for each location we worked closely with the Facilities teams to review and provide feedback on any mistakes/missing information. We then engaged with our client’s Global EHS training team to review and publish onto their internal training platform. 

Once the training was published, it was accessible to all employees within the UK and assigned EMEA locations. Feedback has been positive, and the client was very happy with the resource produced. 

The entire project took several months and required engagement from multiple stakeholders including IT, Facilities, Global EHS training team, UK and EMEA EHS leads.

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