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Carbon Reporting


Delta-Simons, as part of the Inogen Alliance, has supported this confidential Client with various aspects of its local, regional and global carbon reporting since 2015.

Scope of Works

United Kingdom

Within the UK, Delta-Simons manages the Client’s compliance under the Streamlined Energy & Carbon Reporting (SECR) and Energy Savings Opportunity Scheme (ESOS).

We liaise directly with the Client’s energy suppliers and travel partners to obtain accurate data. Quarterly updates are provided to ensure that data collection is an on-going process rather than an annual retrospective task. SECR compliance reports are completed for inclusion in the Client’s annual Director’s report.


On a regional level, Inogen has supported the Client with its obligations under the EU Energy Efficiency Directive (EED) by:

  • Conducting an initial scoping assessment of each EU legal entity to determine whether they qualify under national legislation.
  • Assessing their operations, assets and energy billing arrangements to understand the extent and nature of the energy audits required.
  • Determining the most optimal cost-effective sample of energy audits for the Client’s needs.
  • Delta-Simons (UK), HPC AG (Germany), HPC Italia (Italy) and Denkstatt (Austria) delivering On-Site energy audits.  
  • Desktop transport audits of vehicle fleet and employee mileage.
  • Reports conducted in the local language.
  • Summary report provided in English for presentation to senior management in the USA.
  • Notification to enforcing authorities.


The energy auditing methodology used by Ingoen in the EU is now being deployed on a global basis to gain a comprehensive understanding of the Client’s energy efficiency worldwide, and to develop a global strategy for carbon reductions.

Outcomes / Client Benefit

  • The global coverage provided by Inogen means that Delta-Simons can support multi-national clients with compliance reporting and energy auditing on a global basis, with a seamless consistent approach which also allows for the nuances in local legislation and culture.
  • In the delivery of the works, Delta-Simons reviewed the impacts of COVID-19 on UK sites, providing valuable analysis of the varying energy consumption during lockdown. Many sites were using more energy than usual, despite being shut or having lower occupancy. This identified opportunities to reduce energy demand through improved management procedures during enforced future lockdown periods.
  • The sum of all savings from the recommendations identified during the audits was over $500,000 per year. When extrapolated across the Client’s entire global portfolio, the savings could exceed $6m annually.

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