Poultry Farms, Lincolnshire

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Environmental Planning

EIA Co-ordination and Specialist Environmental Assessment Services

Delta-Simons Environmental Consultants Ltd were appointed to co-ordinate the delivery of the Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) Scoping Report and Environmental Statement, including Non-technical Summary, for six poultry farms across Lincolnshire.


Stonegate Farmers Ltd are a privately-owned business responsible for the operation of multiple poultry (chicken) farms, for egg-laying and chicken-rearing, across Lincolnshire. Stonegate were seeking to expand operations by improving facilities and increasing capacity at their sites. Due to the number of birds at each site, the development was a Schedule 1 EIA development under The Town and Country Planning (Environmental Impact Assessment) Regulations 2017. Therefore, it was a legally mandatory requirement for each of the planning applications to be accompanied by an Environmental Statement.

The purpose of the EIA and resultant Environmental Statement was to identify and assess: the likely significant effects on the environment resulting from the construction, operation and decommissioning of the Scheme; recommend appropriate mitigation measures to reduce the identified effects; and ensure that any possible environmental implications caused from the development were considered in the design and planning application decision-making process.

Scope of Works

▲      Management of technical team including sub-consultants.

▲      EIA Scoping, project management and technical review.

▲      Technical Planning and design layout advice.

Each Environmental Statement discussed the impacts associated with the below topics:

▲      Water resources.

▲      Air quality and odour.

▲      Greenhouse gas emissions.

▲      Ground conditions.

▲      Ecology.

▲      Cultural Heritage.

▲      Landscape and visual amenity.

▲      Noise, traffic and transport.

▲      Health impacts, focused on pest control measures.

▲      Socioeconomics.

Delta-Simons also worked with the Architect to review the proposed design and incorporate embedded environmental mitigation, then supported responses to questions arising during the planning application consultation.

Outcomes / Client Benefit

▲      Secured planning consent for all sites within the 16-week timeframe for EIA development.

▲      Resulted in very limited planning conditions for client to discharge.

▲      Delivered technical assessments to the standard required for Environmental Permitting.