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Geo-environmental Survey at West Midlands Interchange


Working alongside the large project team involved with the UK’s largest logistics development, Delta-Simons have led geotechnical and environmental Site Investigation and Ecological Surveys across the 300ha site. Producing Geo-Environmental Assessment Reports, Ecological Management and Mitigation Plans, Geotechnical Design Reports, and provided Remediation Consultancy Support throughout the project. 

Delta-Simons, through its long-standing professional services relationship with Oxford Properties, was engaged to support them and their JV partner LCP with the acquisition of the Site. Delta-Simons provided environmental due diligence advisory services to the deal team, looking at the critical path elements as well as the wider corporate issues related to the environment.  This initial work subsequently gave Delta-Simons the platform to support LCP with their objective to build out this uniquely positioned development.

Delta-Simons has assisted the client in assessment and confidence in the environmental, ecological and geotechnical risks associated with the Site, and will provide continued assistance with enabling further earthworks trials, acting as ecological clerk of works, undertaking geotechnical testing and design reporting.

Charlotte Walker (Geo-Environmental) and Jennifer Britt (Ecology) have acted as project leads, providing collaborative support across the project team in their specialties.



Throughout the project, Delta-Simons have supported the creation of bespoke access solutions and arranging specialist equipment to approach areas of restricted access due to ground conditions.

During the investigation we worked closely with tenants and occupiers, accommodating sensitive stakeholders, farming requirements and crop harvest timescales in order to conduct the necessary works without incurring any further costs. 

Delta-Simons have proactively worked around project timescales, supporting the frontloading of elements that have presented financial and timescale risks to the project.



This large scale multi-phased development presents an innate challenge to ensure all environmental, geotechnical, ecological and hydrological constraints are identified and considered early in the project. Our teams have communicated our findings effectively to the project team and have managed constraints with respect to the development programme in coordination with other disciplines across the project both in design and application.

Delta-Simons' use of innovative apps and technology has allowed efficient data capture and sharing of information to the wider project team. This has allowed clear auditing of the scheme as it progresses, enabling the integration of ecology into the design and work schedule.


Charlotte and Jennifer at Delta-Simons have provided invaluable advice on the environmental elements at West Midlands Interchange allowing us as owners and development managers to proceed with confidence on this complex and challenging scheme.  Delta-Simons have worked with sensitivity and flexibility around the various land ownership issues encountered, and combined seamlessly with the other members of the professional team to help move through the purchase of the site towards enabling works, infrastructure, and unit construction.  We look forward to continuing our work with Charlotte, Jennifer, and the Delta-Simons team to deliver this exciting and significant logistics scheme.

Michael Kirkland Associate – Development Management Logistics Capital Partners

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