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Contract Overview

Delta-Simons is a multi-disciplinary environmental and health and safety consultancy providing trusted Environmental Planning advice and solutions to ‘Protect People and Planet’ through facilitating sustainable development.

Through our existing relationship with one of our Commercial Distribution clients, our specialist acoustics team was instructed to undertake a due diligence assessment in relation to noise and vibration, to determine any potential risks to the Client, prior to purchase or lease of a Site.

Contract Challenges

Our Client was seeking advice on any mitigation measures that may be required to make the development acceptable to Local Planning Authorities across multiple site locations. With each of the client’s locations, different challenges were met by our team.

In some instances, existing sensitive receptors were immediately adjacent to the Site boundary, meaning additional mitigation measures needed to be recommended to minimise potential noise impacts. Conversely, at other locations, the nearest sensitive receptors were hundreds of metres away from the Site meaning no mitigation measures are required. 

For preliminary assessments, much of the baseline data can be obtained from online sources which avoid the need to mobilise for a baseline noise survey. This means work can be turned around in a short time frame. However, for later stages of the acquisition process, on-site baseline surveys would be required to ensure data is accurate and the client is well informed

Our Solution

To ensure the client obtained the most accurate data required for each stage of the acquisition viability assessment, our team conducted a series of project kick-off calls, facilitating effective communication, and providing a platform to highlight any initial issues or concerns for both parties. Any issues identified were investigated further throughout the assessment, with regular feedback being provided to the client.

Once the noise and vibration due diligence assessments were complete, the assessment outcomes were summarised on a presentation call to the Client, prior to submission of the final report

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Delta-Simons has extensive experience in undertaking acoustic assessments for a wide range of projects, including residential, commercial, education, industrial and highways related developments. 

Engaging with a nationally (and internationally) trusted provider of Acoustic and Vibration Due Diligence services will help you reduce planning risks, identify challenges relating to noise and vibration impacts associated with your development and overall, reduce delays when submitting applications through the local planning process.

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