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When COVID-19 restrictions first came into effect in March 2020, the majority of office workers began to work from home. Many employees were working from home with less than ideal set ups - sat at the dining table, sofa or breakfast bar, working on non-adjustable chairs and working solely from their laptop. As a result, our client wanted to provide support for employees to ensure they were meeting their compliance obligations as an employer and also ensuring that their employees were not going to be adversely affected by working at home.

The Delta-Simon’s ergonomics team has been working with this client for a number of years providing in person desk / ergonomic assessments. The team quickly adapted their approach, to provide remote ergonomics support by undertaking home worker support calls on the phone and Zoom. The aim of the call would be to discuss the employee’s remote working set up, address any discomfort and improve the overall workstation set up where possible.

Scope of Work

After initial discussions with the client we agreed to focus our advice on low cost, immediate actions for improving comfort, including:

  • Behavioural support and advice, including the benefits of good posture and regular movement.
  • Suggesting useful tips to maintain comfort whilst working from home, such as standing to work for calls, and moving around whilst on the phone.
  • Ensuring a good set up with the equipment that the employees had available to them at home.
  • Using everyday household items to improve the workstation set up - such as cushions for added back support, and shoe boxes as foot rests.
  • Identifying where there was a requirement for additional equipment to improve comfort.

Our team also expanded the scope of the support calls beyond ergonomics, to include wellbeing tips such as getting outside, adding structure to the day, and connecting with colleagues.

For each assessment undertaken, the team provided a written report to summarise the conversation and recommendations made, including clear next steps where the purchase of new equipment was recommended.

Our approach for equipment recommendation vs. office pick up was adapted over time, as the client’s COVID-19  arrangements changed in line with government guidance.

Outcomes / Client Benefit

Since March 2020 we have provided hundreds of employees with ergonomics and wellbeing advice, improving their set up. This has resulted in a tangible improvement to the employees remote working experience and has ensured that employees have the training and equipment available to them to minimise any potentially negative impact resulting from remote working. Our support has also meant that our client has been able to demonstrate a proactive approach to compliance and the wellbeing of their employees

The Delta-Simon’s team received some very positive feedback from the employees we have spoken to. They commented that the calls were very beneficial, with practical, helpful guidance provided. Employees fed back that they now have a better understanding on how to arrange their workspace, and they appreciated the holistic manner in which the support was provided.