Royal Albert Docks, London

  • Royal Albert Docks, London

Contaminated Land



Ground Gas & Vapour

Water Quality Testing

Geo-Environmental Consultants

Delta-Simons was appointed as the Geo-Environmental Specialist to review existing ground investigation data, produce a Preliminary Risk Assessment, Geo-Environmental Assessment, Remediation Strategy and Ground Conditions Chapter for an Environmental Statement to support the planning application for the site.


A £300 million redevelopment of historic London Dockland covering a 25-acre area of Royal Albert Docks, the development is to comprise multi storey commercial/ industrial employment hub, a state-of-the-art commercial shipyard and ship lift, restored and updated marina, a university hub for training, innovation and technology and residential units.

The historical use of the site as docklands, with industrial uses including warehousing and engineering works with supporting infrastructure including railway network and substations. The use of the site as docklands would likely have included vessel maintenance, using fuels, oils, lubricants, pesticide chemicals and treatment chemicals. 

Scope of Works

Contamination in the form of asbestos, cyanide, metals and polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons was identified across the site.  

A team comprising 20 Delta-Simons employees and contractors were effectively managed to complete site works early by identifying time saving solutions to overcome challenges on this complex site (including working in close proximity to dock walls, active locks, Environment Agency flood defences, and within the London City Airport flight path) which would otherwise have caused delays.  Works to date has comprised drilling and installation of 50 boreholes, analysis of over 150 soil over 30 groundwater samples.

Outcomes / Client Benefit

“Through risk assessment, considering the nature of the proposed development, pragmatic, cost saving solutions were identified to reduce unnecessary costs, disposal and potential risks to the future development.”

“Delta-Simons continues to support the Client, as this scheme progresses through planning.”