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The Client was required to submit a planning application for the cold repair of the existing glass furnace on their Site. This involved shutting down the continuously operating glass production line, whilst all furnace components were either replaced, renewed, or upgraded. The repair required on-Site temporary changes to cater for additional deliveries and storage areas, which would allow the Client to continue with other operations on the Site, whilst glass production ceased.


Delta-Simons were commissioned to support the submission of the planning application and provide environmental assessments to inform the temporary planning application to enable the maintenance if the existing glass furnace on site.

Scope of Works

▲      Delta-Simons produced a selection of Environmental reports that were required to support the temporary application. These included a preliminary Ecological appraisal, lighting and land contamination reports. Delta-Simons also provided input into a Construction Environmental Management Plan and provided assistance to the Client's highway, traffic and staffing statement.

▲      Delta-Simons provided additional support managing the planning application and produced the pre-application letter, planning statement and subsequently completed and submitted the planning application and relevant forms and notices.

Outcomes / Client Benefit

▲      Our in-house Environmental Planning team supported the technical specialists and Client Project Team to deliver the planning application and supporting documents whilst maintaining a single point of contact for the Client.

▲      The pre-application focused on the environmental setting and those disciplines which had the potential to be impacted on, which led to very limited requirements for additional supporting information for the application.

▲      Delta-Simons ensured that the supporting surveys were undertaken in a timely manner to prevent delays due to time of year. This allowed a significant cost-saving to the Client by identifying any potential constraints early on in the planning process, minimising the requirement for extensive mitigation at the Site and future planning conditions.

▲      Extensive negotiations were undertaken with the Environmental Health Officer to reduce/remove further requirements for additional work and challenge their need for conditions.

▲      An email letter report was produced rapidly for the Local Authority to avoid the need for a Flood Risk Assessment and Drainage Strategy which would have usually been a mandatory validation requirement.

▲      Further small items of additional work were undertaken to address all potential issues, which led to no onerous pre-commencement conditions, allowing the Client to start immediately on Site after the permission was granted.

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