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Contract Overview

Delta-Simons is a multidisciplinary environmental, health and safety consultancy providing trusted advice and solutions to clients both national and globally.

Our Environmental Health and Safety team, in close collaboration with the elient undertook the risk assessment of multiple Data Centres in the EMEA market, delivering Environmental Analysis Reports for each location.

The risks posed by external environmental events are often mitigated by the selection of the data centre location. The purpose was to evaluate each of the Data Centres setting and design and infrastructure to evaluate how sites would perform in the face of current and future risks from Natural, Technological, Active Threat and Epidemiological hazards.

Contract Challenges

Data hosting and management is a competitive global market. Demand is intensifying and the market is growing with the pandemic driving increased workforce digitalisation and the need for cloud and content services. Growing client expectations around data security and reliability saw the update of the European and British Standards used to develop and benchmark Data Centre construction and performance.

In order to provide both internal corporate and client assurance around reliability in operation, Delta-Simons was appointed by a Global Information and Communications Technology (ICT) solutions company to undertake a comprehensive risk analysis at a number of Data Centres. The work was undertaken in line with BS EN 50600“Information technology — Data centre facilities and infrastructures”.

Our Solution

A comprehensive Environmental analysis report for each location was developed which:

  • Considered 36 different hazards; which could be geographical (air traffic, flooding etc.), political (wars, terror etc.) or neighbourhood (fire hazards from neighbouring land use, dust storms etc.)
  • Determined the potential frequency and impact on the operations of the data centre to evaluate potential downtime.
  • Evaluated both present and future impacts.

A combination of desk-based research, on-site inspection and liaison with key Data Centre staff assisted in evaluating each hazard.

The total risk to the functional capability of the Data Centre was quantified and additional mitigation measures suggested to the client in order to improve risk ratings.

The report has been used internally to highlight potential risks and liabilities, with associated costs for the business, that need to be prioritised by the Client for future improvements.

The reports have utilised by the Client to market reliability to prospective clients

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