Become a ‘Beyond Net-Zero’ business with Delta-Simons

24 Sep 2020

The Net-Zero era is here.

Climate change is widely regarded as the single greatest risk to the planet, our lifestyles and our economies; and urgent action is required. We are living in very uncertain times, with global pandemics, habitat destruction and the accelerating extinction of species. But there is optimism. We are living at exactly the right time to do something about it. We will be the generation to create a truly sustainable world. Mankind’s greatest achievement will be cleaning up our own mess – and we will all be part of that.

Companies and institutions all around the world are developing Net-Zero Strategies and Action Plans to do their bit in decarbonising our society, tackling climate change, and restoring our natural world.

‘Certified Net-Zero’ and ‘Beyond Net-Zero’ are the Delta-Simons seals of approval awarded to products, services, events, departments or whole organisations that:

  • Measure their emissions
  • Commit to make tangible carbon reductions in line with Science-Based Targets
  • Offset 100% (Net-Zero) or at least 150% (Beyond Net-Zero) of emissions

To become certified as ‘Net-Zero’ or ‘Beyond Net-Zero’, you need to:

  1. Define – Establish the boundaries of what is to be assessed (product, service, event, vehicle fleet or entire company)
  2. Measure - We calculate the carbon emissions associated with your chosen subject in line with internationally recognised standards – GHG Protocol, PAS2050 and ISO14067
  3. Offset – Remove 100% of the emissions via verified carbon offset projects (Net-Zero)
  4. Enhance – Remove at least an extra 50% of emissions through carbon offsets, tree planting or habitat restoration projects (Beyond Net-Zero)
  5. Commit - Identify actions and set tangible carbon reduction targets for the future
  6. Communicate – We provide you with the certification logo and marketing content as a distinct and credible statement of your commitment to the environment.

Going ‘Beyond Net Zero’ shows your company’s commitment to not only neutralise the impact from some of your business activities, but to make a positive contribution to the environment.Delta-Simons can support your organisation to source the right carbon offset schemes for you, taking into criteria such as budget, location, social value, health and wellbeing benefits, project governance, geopolitical instability, reputational risks etc

For more information go to Net Zero Carbon page or contact Dan Ellis  our Sustainability Pricipal.