Delta-Simons sponsor award for The Planet Mark Sustainability virtual event.

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18 Aug 2020

Delta-Simons is delighted to be sponsoring The Sustainability Influencer category for the Planet Mark Sustainability Awards 2020 .This year’s Planet Mark Awards will be held online on the 15th October, The Planet Mark certification recognises continuous improvements, encourages action, and builds an empowered community of like-minded individuals.

Sustainability is not always an easy sell. There are always challenges, budgets and other immediate priorities to navigate. A Sustainability Professional requires resilience, perseverance and a deeply-held belief that things can be better. They look beyond the doom and gloom of the climate, ecological and social crises; and see the opportunities. A great influencer will tap into the passion of others and bring them along for the journey.

Often the best work of a sustainability professional is gradual and unassuming – and that’s why it is hugely important to be able to recognise their achievements with this great award.

“The Planet Mark Awards are a timely reminder of how much we can achieve as individuals, organisations and as a collective. We hope they can provide knowledge and optimism that will shape our commitments for 2020 and the start of a critical 10-years for us and every living thing on our planet. Let us celebrate and turn our attention to 2020 and our best ever work.” 

                  Steve Malkin, CEO & Founder f The Planet Mark


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