Delta-Simons proud to partner with the University of Lincoln School of Geography

  • university of Lincoln school of geography students

26 Jan 2021

Delta-Simons is proud to have formed a partnership and collaborate with the University of Lincoln’s School of Geography

Delta-Simons are pleased to be working alongside the University of Lincoln's Geography Society by providing the students with the necessary skills to access opportunities for future work placements and entry level employment within the Environmental Sector.

Geography, as a subject at the University of Lincoln, has only come into being within the past 4 years, Christian Meadows (ULGS President) is the one of the founder members of the Geography Society and was in the second cohort of students to take up the degree course.

Christian goes on to say “During my time at Lincoln University I have been able to set up the Geography Society with the help of fellow course mates, this endeavour has been further emboldened by the support given to us by the company Delta-Simons. This has been a boon having a local business support a local society as it’s clear that both of our values go hand in hand.

Delta-Simons have a drive to deliver their vision of “Excellence in our Environment” something that myself and my members also strongly believe in. Even before the foundation of the Geography Society Delta-Simons have been gracious enough to come and give plenty of guest lectures about what they do and how the students at Lincoln, particularly the School of Geography, are prime candidates to take up graduate positions at the firm. Having Delta-Simons as a local firm means they care about local matters; their support is something a large but distant sponsor may not be able to provide.

The benefit this has had for the School of Geography is the creation of a strong link that may have taken many more rounds of students to provide, willingness on both sides has pushed this from being just a contact to a true partnership; one where students attending Lincoln will see Delta-Simons as their first choice. All society members are delighted to see the opportunities that are available to them and would like to thank Delta-Simons for their continued support as sponsor.

The cooperation I have received from Delta-Simons, the cooperation the School of Geography has witnessed and the high-quality seminars we as students have been privy too are exciting examples of what can be achieved pre and during a pandemic. I look forward to a an ever-closer relationship between The University of Lincoln Geography Society and Delta-Simons, the sky is the limit and there is much for both of us to achieve. “

This is one of the many social initiatives that Delta-Simon’s as a company are involved with for the year ahead, providing a clear and positive message that even in these challenging times there are opportunities for graduates in career development and progression within an ever growing and diverse environmental consultancy.