Delta-Simons rolls out Wellbeing Week

18 Apr 2018


Wellbeing week

Wellbeing is becoming an increasingly important aspect of employees’ lifestyles as they aim to maintain a healthy life balance. It is also an increasingly important agenda for employers as people spend a significant part of their day in the workplace so employers have a vital role to play in supporting health and wellbeing of staff.

Implementing initiatives to improve staff wellbeing can increase productivity, staff morale and retention, as well as attract high calibre employees.

At Delta-Simons, wellbeing is one of our six core values. We are launching Wellbeing Week on 23rd April to encourage our staff to think about their health and wellbeing. We will introduce our employees to small actions and initiatives that they can participate in and encourage alternative methods of working, such as walking meetings. This will help employees to discover the best way to incorporate health and wellbeing into their routine.

Each day of the week will have a different focus, including Air, Water, Nourishment, Light, Fitness, Comfort and Mind.

These seven concepts are based on the requirements of the WELL Standard, a building certification scheme that provides a platform for assessing the wellbeing performance of buildings. The standard rewards buildings on health and wellbeing initiatives, building design and operations. Based on scientific and medical research, WELL focuses on adopting preventative approaches to addressing health issues and improving wellbeing.

Delta-Simons will also be committing as a company to making it easier for employees to take steps to improve their wellbeing during Wellbeing Week by providing local walking routes, office plants and time to complete a mindfulness session. Breakfast will also be provided to the whole company on Wednesday of Wellbeing Week to encourage employees to think about healthy options to sustain them throughout the day.

For more information on implementing wellbeing in your company, contact Jess Beckwith.