Delta-Simons taking proactive steps to make the Environmental Sector more accessible for all

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10 Mar 2021

Environmental Social Governance (ESG)

Delta-Simons is delighted to partner with the Institute of Environmental Sciences and join their commitment to lead system change within the Environmental Sector to address the ethnic diversity gaps that exists within this sector.  With the environmental profession being the second least diverse sector in the UK (with just 3.1% of environmental professionals identifying as non-white ethnicities versus 19.9% in all other occupations), the IES have identified that there is a clear need for research, education, and reform to identify and address the key barriers which result in this low ethnic diversity and inspire those from BAME backgrounds to pursue a career in the Environmental Sector.

Delta-Simons, along with the Environment Agency and Bureau Veritas are official partners with the IES who are jointly sponsoring their first 12 month Diversity Initiative ‘Research into Barriers for BAME Professionals in Career Advancement’. This collaboration will involve calling upon cross sector organisations to take part in surveys to provide data on ethnic diversity within their employment, providing opportunities for volunteers to participate in interviews, and hosting round table discussions to explore these barriers to progression and potential solutions going froward.  This partnership aligns well with the Black Geographers initiative Delta-Simons are also involved in as their Careers Partner delivering CV & Career workshops and offering six summer work placements for geography graduates from the BAME community.

Delta-Simons aims to champion Diversity & Inclusion by raising awareness and embedding change to help break down the barriers that are currently faced by those wishing to enter the Environmental Sector and the wide range of global opportunities and challenges that exist, particularly around responding to climate change. Let us help make the Environmental Sector accessible to all by understanding, inspiring, and enabling to make this to happen.

Roger Griffiths , Director says “Whilst it is great to have policies that champion and promote diversity and inclusion, actually doing something about it is more important and this can only happen through positive collaboration, such as the initiatives being taken forward by the IES.  A more diverse and inclusive Environmental Sector can only benefit everyone and help tackle the global challenges we currently face.”