Early 2021 success - IEMA Quality Mark Status achieved

  • IEMA Quality mark

13 Jan 2021

Environmental Planning

IEMA Quality Mark Status achieved

The Delta-Simons Environmental Planning Services (EP) team is proud to announce that we have successfully achieved the Institute of Environmental Management & Assessment’s (IEMA) Quality Mark for Environmental Impact Assessment as a large producer of Environmental Statements and Chapters.

This Quality Mark is the industry standard for benchmarking high quality when taking projects through the Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) process and producing standalone environmental chapters. The assessment process requires that we have produced high quality Environmental Statements and Chapters in a way that is controlled using detailed management practices and can assess likely environmental impacts of projects effectively and at a high level. It also requires that we have highly functional quality assurance/checking protocols alongside document and information management systems in place.

Achieving the IEMA Quality Mark is not a requirement to prove competency however, as we are always looking to improve our working practices and professionalism it is something, we wanted to do to ensure that we hold ourselves accountable to a higher standard to achieve the business vision of ‘excellence in our environment’.

Simon Johnson who leads our Environmental Planning Service had the following to say on this achievement:

“Following substantial strengthening in a number of key disciplines and the growth of the Environmental Planning Service over the last 4 years we thought it important to ensure that the professional body assesses our process and can trust us as much as our Clients do to perform at the highest level whilst also providing commercially sound solutions and assessments to help projects come to fruition.”