EHS&S consultant awarded Fitwel Ambassador certification

30 Apr 2019


Jess Beckwith

Jess Beckwith, a senior consultant in our Environment, Health, Safety & Sustainability team, recently gained her Fitwel Ambassador Certification, enabling Delta-Simons to support our clients further in achieving Fitwel Certification for their properties.

Operated by the Center for Active Design, Fitwel® is a certification system based on design and operational strategies which are in place to enhance the environment of buildings by addressing health behaviours through specific changes to the design and use of buildings. There are more than 740 buildings registered for Fitwel certification worldwide, with almost 200 buildings certified.  

Separated into 12 categories with a total of 63 strategies, the certification system provides guidelines on how to design and operate healthier buildings. Each strategy has a link to health impacts such as community health, reduced absenteeism, wellbeing and physical activity.

There are no prerequisites or requirements that might prevent a building from being eligible for certification via Fitwel. Projects can achieve a 0-3 star rating on a scoring system, which is weighted to the extent of health impacts and scientific evidence. Fitwel can be applied to multifamily residential developments, as well as workplace properties.

Fitwel is currently designed for:

  • Single and Multi-Tenant Buildings
  • Commercial Interior Spaces
  • Multi-family Residential

In June 2019, Fitwel v2.1 will feature new Retail and Community scorecards, which are currently in Pilot phase, as well as a New Construction pathway. The Workplace and Multifamily Residential Scorecards will also be updated, to ensure that they are up to date with latest scientific research.

With 49% of building owners willing to pay more for buildings which are demonstrated to have a positive impact on health, Fitwel helps to respond to growing market demand for spaces designed to support healthier lifestyles.

Our accredited Fitwel Ambassadors can provide advice to facilities managers or development teams to assess building design and business policy, in line with Fitwel building certification.  See our Fitwel and other Wellbeing services.

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