Environment Analyst Early Careers Board Announce Free Webinar Series: Learn About Environmental & Sustainability Consulting

12 Apr 2023



In September 2022, Environment Analyst released its Early Careers Survey, disclosing that of sector diversity, salaries, and early engagement with young learners to encourage take-up of relevant STEAM (science, technology, engineering, arts and mathematics) subjects, when compared to other professional service sectors, was flagging behind.

As focus on environmental concerns takes precedence in the media and ‘Green Jobs’ boom due to innovation and investment in renewable and sustainable technologies, attracting diverse talent is crucial to meeting the employment gap.

This May, Environment Analyst’s Early Careers Board (ECAB) will be hosting a two-part free webinar series. Featuring members of the ECAB, including James Bickle, Senior Consultant at Delta-Simons, and Early Career Advisory Board Chair, ECAB members share their insights into the field of consulting, discuss the challenges and opportunities that come with this career path, and offer advice on how to become a successful consultant.

Early Career Advisory Board 

The Environment Analyst’s ECAB was formed to generate a culture of cooperation and coordination between environmental and sustainability consulting firms to tackle the skills shortage and attract more young professionals into the industry. Senior Environmental Transaction Services (ETS) Consultant, James Bickle, joined the ECAB in 2021 and is now Chair, playing a key part in helping the group to inspire the next generation of sustainability leaders, as well as promoting diversity and inclusion within the sector. 

ECAB Members:

  • ​James Bickle (chair) – Senior Consultant, Delta-Simons
  • Adam Lau (vice chair) – Environmental Scientist, Atkins
  • Ellie Hathaway – Senior Consultant, Ramboll
  • Beth Holt – Environmental Consultant, Mott MacDonald
  • Jay Hall – Environmental Consultant, Arcadis
  • Zara Ahmed – Environmental Consultant, ERM
  • Anna Volak – Senior Field Ecologist, SLR
  • Joana Neto Cerejeira – Climate Change and Sustainability Consultant, AECOM
  • Katherine Stanfield – Sustainability Consultant, Jacobs

Born from the Sustainability Delivery Group, an initiative from Environment Analyst, aimed at harnessing the environmental and sustainability consultancy sector’s potential to deliver sustainability, ECAB has hosted a range of webinars and initiatives designed to facilitate young professionals into a career in the environment sector. 
Find out more about ECAB and sign up to their two-part free webinar series by clicking here: Learn About Environmental & Sustainability Consulting