GRESB launches 2016 assessments

01 Apr 2016


Global Real Estate Sustainability Benchmark

GRESB, the global standard for the benchmarking of environmental, social and governance (ESG) in the real estate sector, today announced the launch of the 2016 assessments.

The data collected and reported by GRESB helps investors to identity the risks and opportunities of their investments. Fund managers are increasingly using GRESB as a way to demonstrate better asset management and return on investment than their competitors, in order to attract greater investment.

GRESB has grown considerably since it was founded in 2009. Last year, GRESB assessed over 700 participants with a combined 61,000 assets worth $6.1 trillion. 

"Investors today are looking for companies with a high ESG performance and GRESB rating," said Nils Kok, CEO, GRESB. "In fact, from what we've seen, companies with GRESB ratings have higher valuations and a larger pool of interested investors. GRESB's goal is to provide investors with the ESG information they need to make more informed investment decisions."1

Delta-Simons' sustainability team provide our clients with a wide range of GRESB support services, from risk assessments at property acquisition to energy audits and employee wellbeing monitoring which help to embed sustainability at every level of real estate management.