How the tech sector implements EHS

19 Jul 2017

Health & Safety


Alex Hammonds

Alex Hammonds is a Senior Environment, Health & Safety Consultant at Delta-Simons, delivering compliance-related services across a range of industry sectors. Alex gives his take on how the tech industry looks after their employees through EHS.

Working with some of the world’s most exciting tech businesses requires an open-minded and dynamic approach to EHS management.  We must understand their motivations, expectations and priorities for EHS. Such companies are not typically driven by compliance, but rather by a belief in their product or service in which they demonstrate absolute passion. That is not to say that they don’t care about the environment, health and safety. Their perception of a workplace centres on happiness, comfort, wellness and image to secure the best talent and retain it. Design and function are key. Meeting compliance is a consequence rather than a goal. This approach is inexorably a global one as these firms expand their geographical reach, so a line must be found where local arrangements are both fitting and accepted by staff, clientele and regulators without compromising on the companies’ core values.

Aligning EHS policy and procedures to these companies’ objectives and their ethos challenges the status quo. Where traditional businesses experience growth, they periodically hit milestones of headcount, turnover or entering new markets. This tends to provide an opportunity for introspection and an evaluation of EHS resource. A buy-out by a larger or more established firm often results in the imposition of rules, reporting and policies. For tech businesses, their rapid success and expansion requires a different method of EHS appraisal. We look to the future and opportunities for innovation.

Delta-Simons has earned the privilege to work with some of the largest and most rapidly growing tech businesses in the world. We help steer corporate responsibilities in an ever-changing workplace. The challenges this brings include maintaining principles and ensuring consistency. Making solutions clear but adaptable to change and new environments. Scalability of concepts would be tricky if traditional methods of EHS management were to be implemented; after all, such clients do not, by their very nature, tolerate a big fat rule book - bureaucracy is not in their vocabulary. They disrupt markets and expect a proportionate and considered response to each and every problem they face, off-the-shelf solutions do not fit the mould. Delta-Simons provides that tailored approach, embedding our consultants within the client’s domain to truly understand what makes them tick.

Tech businesses do not use a standard personnel structure and terminology, there are typically few dedicated EHS personnel below Director level. Our role bridges the gap between the competent resource at the top and the staff on the ground whose focus is on their individual jobs.

The trick to finding solutions? Delta-Simons listens to client needs, identifies what is important, and applies a risk-based approach to EHS management. We rely on our broad experience, technical knowledge, acumen, experience in the sector and communication skills to look at each issue with a fresh outlook to find the solution’s. No ideas are off the table. Innovation and a belief in a common set of values is what drives such firms to success. We endeavour to be a part of it.

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