International Day of Charity celebrates the valuable contributions of Charities to our society

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06 Sep 2021



Environmental Social Governance (ESG)

The day (5th September) is a reminder of the key part business and employees can play in raising awareness and funds for charities.

The Lucion Services Group cannot function in isolation from the society around us. In fact, our ability to perform to the level our clients expect depends heavily on the locations in which we operate and our impact on those communities. In the long run, social and economic goals are not inherently conflicting but integrally connected. The more a social improvement relates to a company’s business, the more it leads to economic benefits as well.

We have a responsible part to play in society, and a big part of that is supporting and fundraising for worthy causes. It should be seen as an integral part of developing company strategies and partnerships and an opportunity to strengthen relations with stakeholders at every level.

Today, 94% of consumers think that businesses should do more than just make money. In this survey, 47% of the respondents indicated they are more likely to be loyal to a company that supports social and environmental causes..

As customers, employees and suppliers begin to place more value on social and environmental responsibility initiatives, businesses have looked at means of strengthening the company whilst giving back. This is now strategically considered as an effective strategy for increasing company performance as well as generating positive social impact.

Lucion Services partners with a specialist resource centre for asbestos-related cancer, a cause close to our hearts

In September 2019 Lucion Services formed a partnership with the national specialist resource centre for asbestos-related cancer, Mesothelioma UK, to help raise funds and awareness about the dangers of asbestos and resulting diseases from exposure. (Read more about our partnership mission and vision statement here: Partnership Statement)


Since 2004, Mesothelioma UK has been dedicated to providing information, support and improving treatment and care throughout the UK for mesothelioma sufferers and their carers. The charity has been delivering information and education to industry bodies nationwide, raising awareness about the dangers of asbestos and preventative measures that must be taken to protect individuals from deadly asbestos exposures and helping encourage higher standards of treatment and care through the NHS by providing expert mesothelioma nurses.

The UK has the highest incidence of mesothelioma in the world with around 2700 new diagnoses each year, with projected future rises. Lucion partnered with Mesothelioma UK to generate funding for the charity, raise awareness of mesothelioma and provide an educational training platform.

As part of our partnership, Mesothelioma UK have access to Lucion offices and training resources at any of the 12 office locations across the UK. They have the support of our consultants, team members, training providers and materials to help Mesothelioma UK to raise the profile of the disease and the dangers of asbestos exposure.

In addition, we also:

  • Use our social presence to promote the charity and raise awareness for the support available to those who need it
  • Invite Mesothelioma UK nurses to our internal team meetings to speak to our team members, so we can be reminded of the effect our work has on people’s lives..
  • Giving a platform at our asbestos management conference ‘Asbestos The Truth’ for the charity to showcase what they do.

In 2019, we named Mesothelioma UK as charity of the year, dedicating all funds raised towards helping the charity address access to care for mesothelioma patients and their families by providing specialist nurses, funding vital research into mesothelioma treatment and patient experiences, and promoting clinical trials and assisting patients financially to access them.

We also supported Mesothelioma UK’s 15th annual patient carer day (held virtually provided through Zoom) on the 2nd October 2020 which was designed to provide an invaluable platform for patients, carers, health care professionals, nurses and legal professionals to connect.

In November- December 2020, we published the Lucion Lockdown Charity Cookbook which included 45 recipes submitted by Lucion staff. The printed copies of the book raised funds for Mesothelioma and FareShare (national foodbank charity).

Lucion Services’ mission is to make the world a safer place to live, while Mesothelioma UK is dedicated to making mesothelioma matter, and together we have a vision to:

  • Provide mesothelioma sufferers and their carers with the support and information at the point of need and provide industry bodies with the knowledge to prevent future asbestos exposures
  • Promote new thinking across all industry sectors when it comes to asbestos dangers
  • Prevent individuals from deadly asbestos exposures through preventative risk control measures and executing industry education initiatives

Delta-Simons supporting research and healthy living

The newest addition to the Lucion Group, Delta-Simons Environmental Consultants is committed to prioritising Environmental Social & Governance (ESG) initiatives that add value to society alongside the delivery of environmental expertise to the clients.

The United Nations has created 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) which define what ESG means on a global basis. Delta-Simons have chosen to adopt this approach as integral in their ESG policy and have selected eight in the first instance which best reflect their ambitions and where they can make a positive impact in the location and industry in which they operate as a business.

As such, Delta-Simons support a range of charities, community projects and sports activities that promote healthy living and enjoyment of the outdoors whilst fundraising for worthy causes.

Supporting Mental Health

Alzheimer's Research UK

Alzheimer's Research UK (ARUK) is the chosen charity partner of Delta-Simons. UK's leading dementia research charity, ARUK is dedicated to causes, diagnosis, prevention, treatment and cure of dementia. Backed by scientists and supporters, ARUK is challenging the way people think about dementia and funding the innovative science that will deliver a cure.

ARUK funds scientific studies to find ways to treat, cure or prevent all forms of dementia as 1 in 14 people over the age of 65 years old. Sadly, this means many of our colleagues know someone impacted by the disease. However, science has proven that the brain of a person with Alzheimer’s weighs up to 140g less than a healthy person: About the weight of an orange. This shows that dementia is caused by diseases that we will, through research, be able to cure. 

The recent period has been incredibly challenging for those that live with dementia and their families. Delta-Simons support ARUK in keeping dementia research in the spotlight and take step closer to that life-changing breakthrough.

Dravet Syndrome UK

Dravet UK is a very important charity to Delta-Simons, and one that they continue to raise funds for through a variety of challenges, and have provided pro bono support in Display Screen Ergonomics assessments and training. Dravet Syndrome is a catastrophic neurological condition causing severe seizures (fits) alongside other conditions such as learning disability, autism, ADHD, ataxia and autism. Dravet Syndrome UK is an independent UK charity dedicated to improving the lives of children and adults living with Dravet Syndrome through medical research, education and awareness and support.

Fundraising through Good Health and Wellbeing

Supporting the UN’s SDG of Good Health and Well-Being, Delta-Simons promote the physical and mental wellbeing of employees and help communities in adopting their own wellbeing initiatives. Fundraising for charities is a positive way of giving back to the communities that we work in.

Run Everyone Virtual Race - Cambridge Half Marathon

To celebrate the sustainability partnership with the Cambridge Half Marathon 2021 (CHM), 48 employees of all fitness abilities challenged themselves to run 900 miles (the distance of Land’s End to John O’Groats!) collectively as a team throughout March this year by participating in CHM’s virtual Run Everyone event. Alzheimer's Research UK was the chosen charity partner for the event.

A Just Giving fundraising page with a £3,000 target exceeded all targets as the Delta-Simon employees collectively ran 4.054 km (two lengths of the UK) and raised £4,321 achieving the status of Top Fundraiser for the event.

Castle to Coast to Castle

A team of cyclists from Delta-Simons took part in the C2C2C, a 100-mile cycle ride across the beautiful Lincolnshire Wolds. The event first started in 2011, principally to raise money for local charity, with 79 riders from local businesses taking part.

Delta-Simons have shown continued support since the inception in 2011 to raise funds for local charities including  MS Society, St Barnabas Hospice and Cyclists Fighting Cancer.

Food Bank Contributions

Delta-Simons are determined to have a positive impact on local communities and make a difference where possible. In line with the UN SDG’s of ending all forms of poverty and hunger in our community – which unfortunately was exacerbated during the coronavirus pandemic, Delta-Simons donated money to local food bank providers in December 2020 in the regions where 9 offices are located across the UK. The contribution of £3,600 came from the usual budget for the wellbeing initiatives such as providing fresh fruit in the offices, as towards the end of 2020 majority of employees were working from home.

Lucion Services and Delta-Simons joining hands to support charities

Following the acquisition of Delta-Simons in April this year, Lucion Group is putting greater emphasis on the Environment, Social and Governance (ESG) agenda with a collaborative approach to support a range of community projects and charities. 

One such activity took place on 1st July this year when a team of 10 cyclists from the group took part in Castle 2 Coast 2 Castle (C2C2C) charity bike ride of which Delta-Simons has been one of the sponsors since its inception in 2011. C2C2C is a charity cycle ride across Lincolnshire with an aim to get more people cycling, raise money for a number of charities. As part of the celebrations for the C2C2C’s 10th birthday in 2021, 10 local charities were selected to support.

Going forward, to celebrate the sustainability partnership that Delta-Simons have with the Cambridge Half Marathon & OSB Events, Delta-Simons & Lucion will be widening the support for the Cambridge Half Marathon on 17 October by entering  a team of up to 18 runners to take part.

Delta-Simons will be extending the relationship further with Alzheimer's Research UK (ARUK) the world’s largest dedicated dementia research charity by continuing  to support where we can and raise money for them in the upcoming Cambridge Half Marathon. 

A Just Giving page has been created to help raise funds to stop this unpleasant disease and to fund research to improve the disease which is of great concern in an ageing population within the UK.

ARUK are funding more pioneering research than ever before and with the support from fundraisers like ourselves, they are focusing their energies in four key areas of action to make this mission a reality:

  • To Understand
  • To Diagnose 
  • To Reduce Risk
  • To Treat

Delta-Simons & Lucion Services  are proud to be supporting charities close to our employee’s hearts and aligned with our company vision which is the desire to solve problems with the aim to create long term values.