It is nearly Valentine’s Day and the Love Birds will soon be nesting!

03 Feb 2016


Nesting bird survey season

Nesting bird survey season starts on the 1st March, whilst breeding bird survey season starts on the 15th March.

Nesting Bird Survey Season:

1st March - 31st August

Breeding Bird Survey Season:

15th March - 30th June

How long to allow for surveys:

Potentially across full survey season period


Pre-construction/ demolition checks need to be completed in

advance of these season dates

Planning Risk:

Survey information is required during planning determination

period, failure to provide may result in delays to

determination or even refusal

Construction Risk:

Nesting birds on site can cause major delays to site

clearance works and/or demolition and impact on


Design Risk:

Potential requirement for on-site mitigation, impact on

developable area