Licensed Bat Ecologist completes aerial tree survey certification

08 Dec 2017

Environmental Planning


Aerial tree survey

Congratulations to Senior Ecologist, Jennifer Britt, for completing her City & Guilds Certificate of Competence: Climb trees and perform aerial rescue. This qualification will support the company’s Arboricultural services, which includes Tree Surveys, Arboricultural Impact Assessments, Arboricultural Method Statements and Tree Risk Assessments.

It is important to consider trees early on in the planning process so that those that are worthy of retention can be incorporated into the development masterplan.  Whilst the initial Tree Survey considers the condition of the trees and their landscape value, the trees are also assessed for their potential to support roosting bats, and where necessary, a recommendation for a further detailed bat survey is made.  The presence of roosting bats in trees on or adjacent to a proposed development site may impact upon the development process and cause delays (article: Why bat surveys are important).

Whilst ground-based tree surveys are effective, aerial tree surveys are becoming an increasingly sought-after approach for surveying for roosting bats.  They allow potential bat roost features to be assessed and checked at close quarters at any time of year, providing an alternative survey method which can be both cost and time effective, and reduces the requirement for repeat nocturnal bat surveys which are seasonally constrained (see Ecology survey calendar).  Tree climbing can also be used to monitor and install bat boxes, set remote detectors at height and can be used during works under licence from Natural England to protect bats from harm prior to tree felling.  Image right: Jennifer checking bat box with endoscope.

With Ecology Unit Manager, Charlotte Sanderson, qualified as a Bat Low Impact Class Licence consultant (BLICL) and Jennifer’s recent qualification, the Ecology team are now able to provide specialist assistance to developments where an assessment of tree usage by roosting bats is required.  See all Arboricultural services here.

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