Managing planning risks early for success

24 Oct 2019

Environmental Planning

Michael Robinson talks to Cogeneration Channel

The Medium Combustion Plant Directive is the recent UK directive managing permits for the installation of internal combustion plants from 1-2 thermal MW up to 50 MW. Cogeneration Channel interviews Delta-Simons Environmental Planning Director, Michael Robinson, about good practice when installing a cogeneration plant.

Throughout the life cycle of a development, there are examples of projects where costly design changes or delays could have been avoided by early engagement of Environmental Planning Permitting Specialists, experienced in identifying and managing a wide range of environmental risks. 

Too often early consideration of environmental planning risks is limited to a narrow scope of key issues that overlook perceived lesser issues which eventually lead to major programme delays, cost increases and consenting challenges at a later stage. 

The requirements of an Environmental Permit to operate a site is a prime example, where failure to consider permit specific requirements at the planning design stage can require design changes and planning variations to obtain an Environmental Permit.  Suitably experienced Environmental Planning Specialists can bring valuable experience and insight to de-risk projects early in the design process (even at due diligence / feasibility stage).

This was the theme of a presentation on the Planning and Permitting Considerations in relation to the Medium Combustion Plant, at the recent Gruppo AB Cogeneration’s event in Manchester, by Delta-Simons’ Environmental Planning Unit Director, Michael Robinson.

The Cogeneration channel is the brainchild of Gruppo AB, a global leader in the field of cogeneration, whose aim is to promote increased information and scientific and technical debate on an international level.
Energy efficiency has become one of the cornerstones of global energy policies, essential in order to meet the growing energy demand while protecting natural resources and the quality of life. In this context, cogeneration plays a topical role, allowing up to 30% primary energy savings and ensuring measurable objective benefits in various application areas that are explored through the Cogeneration channel.

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