The reptiles are finally thawing out…

22 Mar 2018


Reptile survey season

From the 1st March as the temperature increases, reptile survey season begins. Reptiles such as smooth snakes and sand lizards are European protected species, whilst, adders, grass snakes, common lizards and slow worms are protected by UK law.

There are six native species of reptile in Britain, all of which are protected under the Wildlife and Countryside Act.  It is illegal to deliberately injure, kill, capture or disturb a reptile, or to damage or obstruct any areas they use for shelter or protection.

Survey Season:

1st March - 31st October

How long to allow for surveys:

Generally 1 - 2 months


Surveys are weather dependent - air temperature between 9 - 18 deg C, with dry and calm conditions.

Seven survey visits are required

Planning Risk:

Survey information is required during the planning determination period, failure to provide may result in delays to determination or even refusal

Construction Risk:

Reptiles on-site can cause major delays to site clearance works and impact on the programme

Design Risk:

Potential requirement for on-site mitigation or compensation, impact on developable area and final landscape design

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