Company-specific EHS Program Development

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EHS Program Development Consultants

We work with our clients to understand their overall EHS strategy and the current state for a client’s defined program to allow us to identify gaps and opportunities for improvement.

We will look to identify how the business relationships work within the organisation, and to ensure the program being developed can be effectively managed.

Services we offer

Ergonomics Program

Poorly adjusted equipment can lead to ergonomic injuries including carpal tunnel syndrome, upper limb, neck and back pain all of which result in staff discomfort, reduced productivity and potentially high levels of staff absenteeism due to sickness.

We perform workstation and ergonomic risk assessments for our clients, identifying issues with the physical layout of the workstation and any implications this may have on the employee. If any problems are identified, we work to provide the best solution to cost effectively resolve issues at an early stage in order to avoid injuries, absenteeism and help maintain a positive employee experience.

Emergency Response and Evacuation: EAPs

Companies need to plan for emergencies; quick and effective action will help in an emergency scenario and may reduce the consequences. There is also a need for organisations to have trained and competent people, for regular and realistic practice for emergency scenarios and for clear action plans with defined roles and responsibilities.

We support organisations in developing emergency response plans and defining appropriate emergency drill protocols, roles, responsibilities and the provision of employee training programs including First Aid and Fire Warden Training.