EHS Performance Assessment

  • EHS Performance Assessment

EHS Performance Assessment Consultants

The need for ongoing assessment of EHS performance is important within an organisation; this may be via a formal audit process or simple EHS inspections.

The key is to use the assessment process to identify strengths, weaknesses and opportunities for improvement.

Assessment programs are designed to align with the organisations strategic approach to EHS. Delta Simons can support the development of a prioritised program for addressing assessment findings to ensure compliance with legal/ company requirements.

Services we offer

EHS Compliance Audits

We work with clients to understand the scope and method for their required audit program.  We then work to plan, establish and implement an audit regime that will take into account the EHS programs and operational activities. 

EHS Inspections

Organisations need to monitor and measure key characteristics of its operations that may have an EHS impact. We work with the client to design an appropriate EHS inspection regime with relevant retention of documentation to support and track findings.

EHS Gap Assessment

We provide gap assessments, typically focused on specific areas of a particular element of a company’s EHS program. This independent assessment allows for a review of compliance concerns and opportunities for improvement. As part of this process we frequently provide a compliance-style matrix that will also provide deadlines for closing the identified gap.

Gap assessment may include:

  • Review of EHS regulatory licence’s/ permits
  • Review of compliance reporting records
  • Assessment of a facility against legal compliance requirements