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EHS Strategy Development Consultants

Delta Simons works with clients to understand the scope of their business operations to support the company in the development of an appropriate EHS strategy, or elements of strategy that require focus.

This enables the design of company-specific solutions, bringing added value to our clients evolving from a strong and consistently applied EHS program.

Services we offer

EHS Roadmap Planning

By working through key questions with an organisation we can support the development of an appropriate roadmap including short, mid and long term targets and objectives. The roadmap would be designed to address business activities and key risks as well as legal compliance, good and best practice for the sector.

Strategic Policy Planning

The development and implementation of a health and safety policy for an organisation is key to legal compliance in the UK. Additionally, it is the core to an organisation in terms of setting out the commitment to health and safety for employees and those that may be affected by the organisation and activities, products and services.

We can support an organisation in the design, review and or revision of the EHS policy to ensure it is appropriate, applicable and compliant with legal and other requirements.

We can also support an organisation in communication styles and standards for EHS policy to ensure effective implementation and awareness.

Additionally, we recognise that whilst companies may have a top level EHS Policy in place, they may require support in developing specific policies around key risks/activities. We have the experience and competency to support this e.g.: employee ergonomics policy and associated program design and implementation.

Leadership Engagement 

Implementation of a successful EHS program brings value to an organisation and its employees.  We have experience in working with organisational leadership teams supporting them in understanding the legal framework for EHS responsibilities, the need for commitment and appropriate resources and the consequences of not having a robust EHS program in place.  We can also help in designing an accountability structure for EHS throughout an organisation.