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Carbon Management Consultants

We provide a comprehensive service tailored to our clients business needs. We look at the environmental impact of your entire business, and identify where efficiencies can be made, helping your business meet the challenges of sustainability.

We advise businesses of their opportunities in a sustainable low-carbon world. Our consultants ensure that the carbon strategy is practially viable whilst meeting the needs of the organisation to monitor and reduce its carbon output.

Delta-Simons provides carbon consultancy to clients from a range of sectors – including retail, offices, manufacturing, mailing, transport, logistics and energy. Whether you are considering assessing part or all of your business, or developing a carbon neutral product to market, we can help.

Services we offer

Carbon Footprinting

Managing your company’s carbon footprint means managing resources and managing spend. Providing products which are carbon neutral and environmentally responsible can add extra value to your customers and/or generate additional revenue streams. Demonstrating good carbon management can help win private and public sector bids and tenders.

We have calculated carbon footprints on a variety of projects, from the running of an office to global mailing operations; from a fleet of company vehicles to the manufacturing of a suit. 

We conduct carbon footprints to best practice standards such as the Greenhouse Gas (GHG) Protocol, ISO14064-1 and PAS2050. We use internationally recognised emissions factors such as Defra to provide credible and robust calculations.

Delta-Simons can help your organisation to:

  • Develop a carbon management policy
  • Implement new or improved data collection processes
  • Benchmark current performance
  • Provide marketing material

Carbon Reporting

Mandatory GHG Reporting

All UK incorporated companies listed on the London Stock Exchange, New York Stock Exchange, NASDAQ or in an European Economic Area are now required to report their annual greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions.

Companies are required to

  • Report carbon emissions within the annual financial statement
  • Account for all global emissions for which they are responsible
  • Use a widely recognised GHG standard to calculate emissions
  • Disclose any exclusions or significant changes in company structure/activities
  • Present the previous year’s emissions data to compare against the current year
  • Include a carbon intensity ratio appropriate to your business activities

Carbon Reduction Commitment

The Carbon Reduction Commitment (CRC) requires all large consumers of energy (>6,000MWh annually) to report the electricity and gas they consume.

The scheme requires participants to gather energy data and make any necessary estimations. Companies must then buy allowances for every tonne of carbon they emit as a result of electricity and gas consumption.

In managing the CRC responsibilities for our clients, we help them to reduce energy consumption and subsequent CRC payments.

Carbon Offsets

By offsetting carbon, businesses can neutralise their environmental impact on the world – or even go ‘Beyond Carbon Neutral’. By planting trees via our close partnership with the Woodland Trust, a business can also remove their carbon whilst also creating new ecologically valuable woodland habitat right here in the UK. By investing in carbon offsets verified to the highest international standards, your business can become carbon neutral whilst improving the environment and the lives of people in developing countries. 

Delta-Simons can work with you to identify the most suitable carbon offsets to match your business. Some examples of carbon offsetting projects include:

  • Afforestation projects in South America;
  • Hydroelectric power and wind power in Asia
  • Clean water in Africa
  • Renewable Biomass in North America
  • Methane Capture in China

Delta-Simons are the official sustainability partner of the Woodland Trust. Through the partnership, Delta-Simons purchases Woodland Carbon on behalf of our clients who are seeking to remove their carbon emissions through the planting of new woodland projects in the UK.

Benefits of supporting Woodland Carbon include:

  • Create new local woodlands for communities to enjoy
  • Preserve and enhance natural ecosystems, biodiversity and wildlife
  • Connect with your staff and customers at corporate tree planting days
  • Raise environmental and corporate responsibility credentials