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Social Sustainability Consultants

Understanding the influence organisations can have on the health & wellbeing of their employees and the community which surrounds them is a very powerful tool.

Choosing to ensure that your culture reflects the needs and aspirations of your staff will lead to greater alignment with your aspirations as a business. Why would we expect people to contribute to our environmental objectives if they can’t see their own needs being addressed? Delta-Simons sees the power of achieving true sustainability through connecting the environmental obligations to the health and wellbeing of the employees. Demonstrating your responsibility and generating real significance for the people you work with, for and the community you operate from within is becoming increasingly important.

Services we offer

Retrospective Auditing

Many organisations will already be undertaking work which is delivering sustainable benefits. However, in many instances they will not be reporting the improvements using sustainable matrices - the results may focus on the time or financial efficiencies that are being made.

Retrospective audits allow areas of synergy within the organisations be identified and aligned. This has two main impacts, the first is that it creates a sustainability value on measures already being undertaken within the organisation, and secondly identifies opportunities where improvements can be made. Allowing a sustainability plan to be created that includes work already being undertaken and sets out other opportunities as to how improved sustainability could benefit the organisation.

Social Value Programmes

Developers are being asked to demonstrate the difference their developments will make once completed and are occupied. 

Delta-Simons can help create programmes which will allow developers to capture the social value their new developments will generate, and ultimately deliver against their planning consents and corporate objectives.

Social Value Impact Assessments

There can often be positive indirect social impacts from the work undertaken in business; these impacts often go unnoticed and if they are, they are very rarely reported.

Delta-Simons will look to undertake a detailed assessment to identify indirect impacts. Time will then be spent gathering evidence to allow a report to be created to demonstrate success.

Sustainable Objectives in Business

This report is suited for organisations who have existing culture plans and objectives. This service is designed to interrogate how any sustainability objectives are being interpreted and then implemented against stated targets. Are they achieving their stipulated aims? Or is personal interpretation of the objectives preventing it being achieved?

Training can be designed and delivered to aid the understanding of sustainable objectives and then how they can be aligned to the personal objectives of employees.