Inogen and Us

Global thinking, local delivery

Delta-Simons is proud to be a founder member of the Inogen Environmental Alliance, a global corporation that provides multinational organisations with environmental, health and safety solutions.

How it works

With offices located on every continent, more than 4,330 staff worldwide and projects completed in more than 120 countries, Inogen represents an innovative business model, offering a single point of contact to deliver cost-effective environmental support anywhere in the world.

Associates and members

Inogen provides for a geographic reach unparalleled in the industry. Just as important is the breadth of the service offerings and the diversity of membership, Inogen is able to deliver a broad spectrum of environmental, health and safety related services in areas where competition falls short.

Global Practice Standards set uniform methodologies for consistent execution of services, and the robust e-platform and Key Account Managers provide effective project execution, content delivery and business management for clients around the world.