Inogen Alliance and Us

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Global thinking, local delivery

Delta-Simons is proud to be a founder member of the Inogen Alliance, a global corporation providing multi-national organisations with consistent, high quality and cost effective environmental, health, safety, energy and sustainability solutions.

Inogen Alliance is a global network of environment, health, safety and sustainability consulting companies working together to help multinational organisations meet their global commitments locally.  With offices located on every continent, more than 6,000 associates worldwide, and projects completed in more than 150 countries, Inogen Alliance provides unparalleled local consulting expertise, global consistency and 20 years of experience building a cleaner, safer and more sustainable future. Making your global commitments a local reality.

“The ultimate mission of  Inogen Alliance is to make the world a safer, cleaner, and more sustainable place. By becoming the consultants of choice for multinational organisations determined to become climate resilient through implementing ESG and good sustainability practices, our client community can positively contribute to overcoming the challenges we face, globally,” Angelique Dickson, President of Inogen Alliance

Recently featured in the Global Thought Leaders campaign, devised by TBD Media Group, Delta-Simons and the Inogen Alliance acknowledge that in our ever-evolving world, we don’t have all the answers; but we do have many of them. As global consultants, Inogen Alliance sees the impact of climate change and the legacy of neglecting the environment across the world.

Whether your business operations are local or international, ESG and Sustainability Consultants enable good, informed, decision-making. The Inogen Alliance offer businesses the opportunity to affect real change and facilitate their roles as industry leaders.

Watch the Inogen Alliance Global Thought Leaders documentary below and find out how we, as part of a global network of environment, health, safety and sustainability can facilitate your company to mitigate risk whilst scaling sustainably.