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The implementation of an effective management system supports an organisation in ensuring a structured and consistent approach to reviewing and mitigating EHS risks.

What is an EHS Management System?

An Environmental, Health and Safety (EHS) management system is a framework of policies, processes and procedures which help an organisation to manage risk, drive continual improvement and operate in compliance with health, safety and environmental regulatory requirements. 

EHS management systems can be non-certified or certified against an International Standard, such as ISO 14001 (environmental management) or ISO45001 (health and safety management), or both. Many organisations seek certification against these standards for third-party verification of the effectiveness of their management system and because increasingly clients are demanding this from their supply chain.   

What are the benefits of implementing an EHS Management System?

The effective implementation of an EHS management system can provide a wide range of benefits to organisations, which may include:

  • Adequate control of environmental and health & safety risks;
  • Reduction in the number and severity of accidents and incidents;
  • Adequate protection of employees and the environment;
  • Continuous EHS performance improvement;
  • Increase in employees’ wellbeing and productivity;
  • Increase the organisation’s growth through better reputation and commitment to best health, safety and environmental practices; and,
  • Increasing profitability.

How can we help?

Our expert team of EHS Consultants have extensive experience in developing and implementing EHS Management System across a wide range of businesses and industries, and in providing support and advice to clients to achieve certification. Many of our consultants are also ISO 14001/45001 Lead Auditor certified.

We work together with clients to design and implement a bespoke management system in a manner that is appropriate to their business's operations (activities, products and services), objectives and stakeholder requirements. Our team support clients by:

  • Developing relevant policies, procedures and processes appropriate to their activities;
  • Developing aspects and impacts or hazards and risks register;
  • Developing a bespoke legal register applicable to business operations. We are able to undertake this globally with the support of our Inogen Alliance in-country partners; 
  • Completing a detailed management system gap analysis and provision of a route map for improvement to align the management system to the requirements of ISO 14001 and/or ISO 45001;
  • Completing periodic internal audits required to maintain ISO certification on your behalf, or training your staff to complete them in-house, to ensure that you are implementing the requirements set out in the management system’s policies and procedures (i.e. the management system is being followed);
  • Undertaking periodic compliance assessments in line with the clauses of ISO14001 / 45001. These can be in the form of full or partial compliance scopes (i.e. only covering certain elements such as fire safety, and hazardous materials surveys). 
  • Providing guidance during the ISO certification process to demonstrate to the external certification auditors that the management system is embedded, robust and functioning, including the selection of a certifying body, pre-audit preparation and training for certification audits, plus remote/on-site support during the multiple stages of a certification audit if required. 

What are my responsibilities?

Developing and implementing an EHS Management System is not a legal requirement. However, if your operations are regulated under an Environmental Permit, you are required to develop and implement an Environmental Management System to help you control any potential emissions associated with your activities. 

As a national provider with a regional presence, we work with clients from multiple sectors including; industrial, commercial and residential developers, retailers, industrial manufacturers, fund managers, institutional investors, hi-tech companies, the public sector and charitable organisations. For the past 30 years, our team has provided a holistic suite of trusted environmental services and advice, designed to mitigate risk to both people and the environment, whilst removing the pain from planning or maintaining developments, buildings and/or assets.

If you are looking to partner with an environmentally conscious, holistic environmental health and safety services supplier, get in touch with our team.