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Development Due Diligence

We provide solutions to help our clients achieve value where acquiring assets for redevelopment.

Whether acquiring or divesting for redevelopment, environmental constraints can be key to achieving value especially where the development process can trigger realisation of latent liabilities.

At Delta-Simons we seek to design development due diligence solutions that combine technical excellence around ground related constraints with commercial awareness to help them achieve value and understand risk within the land transactional process.

Services we offer

Environmental Due Diligence for Redevelopment (EDD)

As part of the formal process within a transaction to understand the implications of potential ground contamination and ground conditions from historical or current activities, we seek to communicate the risks and opportunities inherent in the due diligence process through dataroom review, site assessments and targeted interviews. We strive to provide clear commercial and financial advice including liability/cost estimates, assessment of the adequacy of existing provisions and provision of input into financial modelling, based upon a strong technical understanding and an established track record in supporting residential, industrial and commercial developments.

Pre-Acquisition Opinion Reports

At initial site assessment stage, we regularly prepare preliminary assessments of sites and provide an initial opinion on constraints and likely opportunities to assist Client’s in assessing site value and identifying areas which may require further assessment prior to exchange or completion. These assessments can include ecological, demolition and flood constraints in addition to ground conditions and land contamination / remediation issues.

Site Investigations

When desk-based activities identify unacceptable risk, it is sometimes necessary to conduct intrusive investigation works to provide comfort and surety during the transactional process. Delta-Simons work closely with our clients to advise what level of investigation is necessary or possible during typical due diligence timescales to ensure that requirements fit with business needs. Fast track investigations and short form reports can be provided, while assistance in negotiating retention monies and completing works post-transaction can also be arranged.

High Level Abnormal Development Appraisals

To support Client’s valuation of sites where limited data is available, we have developed a High Level Abnormal Development Appraisals (HILDA) tool to model common dereliction and remediation requirements and generate budget costs based on the HCA Guidance on dereliction, demolition and remediation costs. 3rd edition, 2015 adapted based on our technical experience.

Estimating the cost of preparing a brownfield site for reuse can be complex with a range of uncertainties.  Whilst a detailed and well executed Site investigation will be required to take full account of the land use history, environmental setting and proposed use, this appraisals tool is designed to provide the Client / project manager with a range of potential dereliction, demolition and remediation costs until such information is available. 

Post-Acquisition Development and Planning Support

At Delta-Simons we have extensive experience in supporting Client’s progress their site through the planning process to successful redevelopment.