Resource as a Service (RaaS)

Through our Resource as a Service (RaaS) offering we can offer clients short or long-term flexible Environmental, Health, Safety and Sustainability (EHSS) resourcing solutions. We can help our clients respond quickly to changing resource needs, whether this be a long-term need for part-time H&S support or a short-term requirement for a full-time specialist consultant.

EHSS Resourcing

Sometimes you might require greater support to ensure robust EHS systems are in place throughout your organisation, you’re meeting your obligations and achieving your EHS objectives. We can embed EHS personnel to provide support from within your organisation or act as your internal EHS advisor on all EHS matters, including project management. Our consultants have vast experience across many industries throughout Europe. 

When to use a RaaS Consultant

EHSS resourcing needs vary per country and industry but examples of an identified need for our RaaS services are often linked to one of the following scenarios:

  • Recruitment challenges: The current market for recruiting EHSS professionals is very challenging, and organisations are struggling to recruit talent into their EHSS departments. We can offer a short-term resource to bridge the gap and ensure a client’s EHSS programs are maintained whilst a permanent team member is recruited.
  • Urgent events: We can support in the event of the need for a sudden, rapid upscaling in a client’s EHSS team. This could be in response to an accident/incident, a regulation change, or unforeseen situations such as global pandemics and natural disasters.
  • Periods of growth/change: Rapid growth of a company (either employee numbers or geographical locations) can result in a requirement for increased EHSS personnel to undertake activities such as providing construction EHS support, updating documentation and providing training.
  • Specific project needs: Clients may encounter situations whereby a specific set of expertise is required for a short-term project which cannot be fulfilled by one of their in-house team e.g. equipment safety, chemical safety, construction EHS and ergonomics support.

How do we add value?

We pride ourselves in providing bespoke solutions to our clients. As part of this approach, we take the time to understand your company culture and strategic EHSS objectives to allow us to identify the most suitable resources to support. 

Engaging one of our team as an embedded resource allows clients to access EHS generalists or specific subject matter experts depending on their needs. All our RaaS team are supported by an account team whose role is to enable the RaaS consultant to be as effective as possible in their role. Via the Inogen Alliance, our consultants also have access to a team of global EHSS experts who can support on an ad-hoc basis as required. 

About Inogen Alliance

Delta-Simons is proud to be a founder member of the Inogen® Alliance, a global corporation providing multinational organisations with consistent, high quality and cost-effective environmental, health, safety, energy and sustainability solutions. Inogen Alliance assists multinational clients by resolving liabilities from the past, addressing today’s requirements and delivering solutions for the future. With more than 280 offices located on every continent, more than 5,000 consultants worldwide, and projects completed in more than 150 countries, Inogen Alliance provides a single point of contact for diverse markets as Automotive, Chemical, Consumer Products & Retail, Financial, Food & Beverage, Healthcare, Insurance, Manufacturing, Non-Profit Organisations, Oil & Gas, Real Estate, Services Firms, Technology and Transportation, among others.

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