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Drilling Investigation

Our site investigation team is made up of a highly qualified and dedicated drilling team - Delta-Drilling, ensuring the utmost regard to health and safety and protection of the environment.

Drilling RigBrownfield development often requires detailed site investigations to be performed to assess the ground for both contamination and geotechnical considerations. Delta-Simons’ site investigation team is made up of a highly qualified and dedicated drilling team, providing a courteous and knowledgeable customer interface for site activity.

The team prides itself on delivering reliable mobilisation and a cost effective and efficient service to provide professional land drilling delivery.

The Delta-Drilling team currently operates with Comachio and Premier rigs, providing a full range of services including rotary hollow and solid stem augering, open hole and coring (air, water and mist flush), symmetrix and S Geobor Wireline and dynamic sampling. The team can offer geotechnical testing during drilling with spt's/dpt's and UT100 samples. Handheld dynamic sampling is used where restrictions stop the use of rigs. We have diamond core barrels that run off the rigs and a standalone corer, allowing a neat finish on site through hard standing.

Services we offer

Rotary Coring RigGeotechnical Logging & Sampling

Geotechnical work is carried out in accordance with the customer's specifications and typically includes sampling and testing in accordance with the current guidance in BS5930, or a bespoke method to suit specific circumstances. The Delta-Drilling team has adopted field quality procedures for corrected SPTs, and taking relevant undisturbed samples using U100 aluminium liners or thin walled samplers (UT100).

Brownfield Site Investigation

The Drilling team works closely with consultants and has significant experience of working on a range of contaminated and geotechnically challenging sites. In addition to operating safely in these ground conditions, the team is well versed in appropriate drilling techniques to protect sensitive groundwater receptors. Monitoring well construction is a major part of environmental investigations, and the team is trained and resourced to provide installations for both groundwater and ground gas sampling.

Foundation Inspections

The Drilling team are well experienced in carrying out the opeartion of an inspection pit in a controlled and safe manner. Providing a written report from site backed up photos of the foundation and pit itself. 


Delta Drilling has perfected the method of setting up BRE365 tests on site that allows for us to carry the testing over a few days when requiredwithout the risk to H&S with trial pits left open. Our construction of the BRE365 leaves the ground back to its original condition such as asphalt car park.