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The need for ongoing assessment of EHS performance is essential within an organisation; this may be via a formal audit process or simple EHS inspections. The key is to use the assessment process to identify strengths, weaknesses and opportunities for improvement.

What is an EHS Audit?

An Environmental, Health and Safety (EHS) audit is a comprehensive review that focuses on whether your organisation is meeting its obligations in terms of regulatory guidelines, corporate standards or adherence to a specific contract or terms of agreement. 

Why audit?

Ongoing assessment of EHS performance is essential within an organisation. Our experienced auditors can develop client-specific audit frameworks to help:

  • Clients to be proactive in EHS management, an essential part of the Plan-Do-Check-Act philosophy
  • Verify compliance with legal and corporate requirements
  • Provide external perspective on ways to make your workplace safer and reduce environmental harm
  • Help to understand EHS liability or costs before sale or acquisition as part of due diligence  
  • Validate EHS arrangements prior to or as part of Management System certification and verify the organisation legal register is up to date 
  • Evaluate performance of contractors to ensure they are meeting agreed standard

The need for ongoing assessment of EHS performance is essential within an organisation; this may be via a formal audit process or simple EHS inspections. The resulting audits not only identify any compliance gaps, but will explain the actions or best practice required to address these, allowing your management to make informed, intelligent decisions based on risk.

How can we help?

Our expert auditor team have extensive experience across many sectors and geographical regions.

We’ll work together to understand the required scope and preferred methodology for your audit programme. Our auditors then plan and implement an audit regime that takes into account existing EHS programmes and operational activities.

Our Inogen Alliance Partnerships allows us to deliver global EHS compliance support, allowing clients a consistent approach to audit at all their locations.

What are my responsibilities?

In terms of safety, an organisation is legally responsible for the health, safety and wellbeing of all their staff as well as contractors and members of the public who may be affected by their operations. In the UK, organisations have an obligation to ensure that risk is “as low as reasonably practicable”. If risks are not adequately controlled, the consequences can be severe.

Similarly, activities which have the potential to cause harm to the environment should also be subject to adequate management, risk assessment and control measures; to ensure that the environmental harm is not realised. In the UK, there is also a multitude of corporate-level responsibilities for environmental performance such as energy, carbon and waste. Clients need to be confident that these duties are being discharged.

As a national provider with a regional presence, we work with clients from multiple sectors including; industrial, commercial and residential developers, retailers, industrial manufacturers, fund managers, institutional investors, hi-tech companies, the public sector and charitable organisations.

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