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Real Estate Due Diligence, Corporate M&A Transactions, Commercial Focus, ESG, Post Transaction Support.

Delta-Simons have a wealth of experience in advising clients to understand the nature of Environmental Health & Safety (EHS) risks, and the potential significance of these within their business operations and investment strategies. We recognise that the provision of responsive, timely advice is crucial, to maximise the value of every transaction. Through the assessment of potential EHS liabilities, we can identify unforeseen costs and maximise asset value for our clients, whether acquiring, divesting, merging, refinancing, or managing an asset or portfolio. We are supported by in-house technical experts to advise on a wide range of issues including flood risk, energy management and sustainability, site investigation and environmental planning.

We have the capability to assess single assets and multi-site portfolios and have extensive experience of working across a diverse range of sectors both in the UK and internationally.

Services we offer

Real Estate Due Diligence

Delta-Simons’ foundations are firmly based in the UK real estate sector and we are one of the UK’s leading providers of real estate environmental due diligence. We are proud of a reputation that delivers projects to the world’s leading organisations across the globe, but also to our regional clients across the UK and Ireland, ensuring we maintain flexibility and personal service to all our clients, whatever their business needs. Our clients include 5 of the top 20 listed global real estate investment managers by assets under management, as well as a significant number of other top performing pension and investment funds, REITS and commercial property owners, asset managers and developers. 

Although contaminated land liability continues to be at the heart of real estate due diligence, the focus is changing, with investors seeking to maximise the performance of their investments and capitalise on opportunities to increase their returns. Issues including Flood Risk and Climate Change, Air Quality, Environmental Social and Governance (ESG), Planning and Energy & Carbon Reporting will not only have implications at the time of the transaction, but should also be considered during the lifetime of the investment, in terms of impacts on future site users, site operations and future redevelopment opportunities.

Corporate M&A Transactions

To minimise risk, the provision of robust, comprehensive and timely EHS due diligence for M&A transactions is crucial. Delta Simons is a leading provider of Environmental and Health & Safety (EHS) Due Diligence services in support of Mergers & Acquisitions in the UK, Europe and globally. Through robust and rigorous assessment, we work with our clients to identify material risks which have the potential to impact a transaction. Our Environmental Due Diligence team is supported by an in-house team of technical experts in areas including Environmental Permitting, Health & Safety, Energy Management, Air Quality, Waste Management and EHS Management Systems.

Commercially Focussed

Clients are at the heart of our business. We are agile enough to provide a single point of contact for all our projects, whilst being large enough to serve our clients globally. Understanding client needs in the context of the transaction is key, and this is what sets us apart from our competitors. We understand that the timely provision of transactional advice is essential to any deal, and that every transaction is an independent journey with different outcomes. We therefore offer a range of approaches to meet client requirements, depending on the nature, size and complexity of a transaction, ranging from high level traffic light assessments to comprehensive detailed reporting.

Environmental Social and Governance (ESG)

Given the potential reputational damage that a poor ESG profile can create, businesses and investment funds are actively seeking to mitigate potential business risk and respond to the demands of investors by acquiring assets culturally aligned with ESG. Although financial returns remain the key driver for investors, ESG has now become a key part of investment decisions for those acquiring businesses and real estate assets. Longer-term investors are likely to adopt strategies with wider benefits that can be realised over the lifetime of the investment and provide more significant increases in asset value. 

Are you worried that ESG or physical climate challenges might:

  • Reduce the value of your asset?
  • Open yourself up to operational and/or insurance challenges?
  • Affect your ability to divest?

In this webinar, you will discover the latest strategies for managing environmental, social, and governance (ESG) risks and trends:

Post Transaction Support

Delta-Simons continue to support our clients even when a deal is over the line. Post-transaction support is critical in optimising asset value through the identification of efficiencies, and facilitating business continuity by recognising and reducing risks, and associated costs. Our in-house experts have a wealth of experience in areas including Environmental Permitting, Waste Management, Health and Safety, Energy Management, Environmental Planning, EHS Management Systems, Water Management and Emergency Response.