Corporate Responsibility

Sustainability is in our genes...

Delta-Simons is keenly aware that its business activity, and that of its stakeholder partners, has a direct and indirect impact on the environment. We embrace our responsibility to set an example of Corporate Environmental Stewardship.

We are committed to minimising our impact on the environment through all levels of the business by utilising sustainable technologies and working practices wherever possible and we work hard to use our influence to encourage suppliers and assist customers to do the same.

So, rather than listing hollow ‘commitments' so often found in corporate literature, here are just some examples of what Delta-Simons is doing right now.

  • We measure the environmental performance of our business in terms of fuel, energy, water, resource consumption, waste management and work hard to improve our performance annually.
  • We report our carbon emissions annually, and are committed to achieving year-on-year reductions against a wide range of Key Performance Indicators.
  • We measure and remove the carbon emissions associated with our vehicle fleet by 150% to ensure we have a positive influence on the environment, rather than just cancelling out our impacts.
  • We undertake regular energy audits of in our head office and implement energy saving initiatives.
  • We have invested in a new diverse and efficient vehicle fleet to reduce the environmental impact of our business travel.
  • We have established an Environmental Stewardship Committee who meet regularly to pursue new initiatives and year-on-year improvement in environmental performance.
  • We have established partnerships with local charitable groups and invest our 'community project fund' generated from not-for-profit carbon offsetting in a variety of volunteer-led projects.
  • We have formed a partnership with The Woodland Trust and work with them and our customers to secure funding for carbon sequestration, habitat creation and conservation projects which has so far resulted in the planting of several thousands of trees.
  • We offer interest free loans to staff to help pay for public transport season tickets, renewable energy in the home, home insulation, waste and water reduction initiatives, LPG car conversions or other personal sustainability projects.

If you would like us to help improve your Corporate Environmental Stewardship and make a tangible difference please contact us.