Environmental Social Governance

  • Environmental Social Governance

Delta-Simons ESG Policy Statement


Protecting People and Planet- four words that Delta-Simons lives by

Through the skills and expertise of our employees, our aim is to create real long-lasting positive change for the natural world and in society, far beyond our immediate reach. Business decisions made by Delta-Simons will have to demonstrate that they have considered how they contribute to our overall Environmental Social Governance (ESG) goals. This is reinforced by our six core values – which inform every choice we make.

Integrity   |   Innovation   |   Sustainability   |   Trust   |   Commitment

Built around our Vision and Values our ESG Strategy seeks to deliver positive impacts within our own organisation and further afield in the following areas:


The United Nations has created 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) which define what ESG means on a global basis. We have chosen to adopt this approach as integral to our ESG Policy and have selected eight in the first instance which we believe best reflect our ambitions and what we can significantly influence as a business. Other SDGs remain hugely important, but we have prioritised areas where we can make the biggest positive impacts in the location and industry in which we operate.

We will:

3. Good Health and Well-BeingEUDG 3

  • Not only keep our employees safe but create a cultural environment which promotes physical and mental wellbeing.
  • Through our consultancy services, help to prevent air, water and land pollution and its effects on human health.
  • Support our clients and communities in adopting their own wellbeing initiatives.

9. Industry, Innovation and InfrastructureEUDG 9

  • Continue to invest in new ways of working and technologies which improve efficiency and reduce our impact on the environment.
  • Work with our clients to create innovative solutions to enhance the environment.
  • Through our work, contribute to infrastructure projects which help our communities to prosper and thrive.

11. Sustainable Cities and CommunitiesEUDG 11

  • Use our skills and knowledge to support the creation of new sustainable developments.
  • Help communities reduce their reliance on resources and encourage the circular economy.
  • Support our clients to make their businesses resilient to climate change, natural disasters, global pandemics and economic downturns.

12. Responsible Consumption and ProductionEUDG 12

  • Reduce our resource use and continuously look for more efficient ways of working.
  • Encourage our supply chain to sustainably manage raw materials, chemicals, land, water, energy and waste.
  • Act as a pivot to bring together clients, charities and communities who by working together can reduce consumption and waste.

13. Climate ActionEUDG 13

  • Lead by example on environmental performance.
  • Not only reduce the negative impact of our operations but create a long-lasting positive legacy for the planet.
  • Advise our clients and local communities on how best to adapt to climate change risks.

15. Life on LandEUDG 15

  • Use our expertise to conserve, restore and enhance the natural environment.
  • Advise on the control and removal of damaging invasive plants and the protection of endangered species.
  • Develop initiatives to increase biodiversity even in the most urban areas.

In order to tackle wider environmental and social issues we must first be a sustainable business and collaborate with others. Therefore, the SDGs are underpinned by our commitment to:

8. Decent Work and Economic GrowthEUDG 8

Operate a profitable, sustainable business which creates high-quality purposeful jobs and provides a good quality of life for our people.

17. Partnerships for the Goals

Create meaningful partnerships with clients, suppliers and our communities to accelerate progress and achieve our objectives together. We will develop our network internationally to work with our global partners to create ESG solutions for our clients.EUDG 17

In time we will strive to adopt other SDGs to replace ones we believe we have successfully integrated or where our impacts and/or priorities change as we grow on our journey.

We will continuously track our performance against our ESG goals and publicly report our progress on an annual basis.