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Materials & Waste Management Consultants

Delta-Simons can help you navigate the complex waste management landscape to ensure compliance, promote resource efficiency, manage costs, and enhance sustainability.

Site preparation and remediation, foundation construction, cut and fill operations, basement excavations, utility excavations and invasive weed management all have the potential to generate surplus materials which, without adequate management, could lead to programme delays, compliance issues and significant additional costs.

Delta-Simons can advise at the early stages of development planning and guide you through the process of determining what is waste and how it can be most appropriately managed. We can work with you in the design of the scheme to promote the sustainable re-use of materials where this is possible, avoiding the requirement for off-site management.  In our experience, the earlier materials management is considered, the greater the potential cost savings and more effective the management outcomes will be.  However, where off-site management is unavoidable Delta-Simons promotes recovery, treatment and recycling, thereby supporting the diversion of materials away from landfill disposal and contributing to the circular economy.

Services we offer


Compliant operations are critical to the success of any project, particularly now HM Revenue & Customs can now recover landfill tax on illegally deposited waste (even if inadvertent). Delta-Simons can ensure that you are compliant with the specific regulatory regime in force. Compliance with the requirements of duty of care can also be determined particularly when wastes are being removed off-site. In-house waste classification assessments can be undertaken to assist in the management of materials.

Environmental Permitting

Delta-Simons has practitioners who have extensive experience in preparing new applications, variations and surrenders to ensure an appropriate exemption or permit is in place or has been appropriately relinquished. We can advise on the most appropriate pathway through the Environmental Permitting Regulations, for example, would a Standard Rules Permit be sufficient? Or would a bespoke Environmental Permit be more appropriate?

Materials Management Plan

Delta-Simons can work alongside the project team to develop a comprehensive bespoke Materials Management Plan (MMP) that can be used to meet the requirements of The Definition of Waste: Development Industry Code of Practice developed by CL:AIRE. Through early engagement Delta-Simons will work with clients to develop resource-efficient uses of materials, promoting sustainability and reducing carbon intensity, avoiding disposal and helping developers and contractors from unintentionally straying into ‘sham recovery’.  As part of the development of the MMP some baseline investigation could be required to inform our understanding of the materials, or to support bulk earthworks activities.

Qualified Persons

Delta-Simons have a number of Qualified Persons that are formally competent to declare MMPs to CL:AIRE within The Definition of Waste: Development Industry Code of Practice scheme.

Materials Characterisation

We can offer material characterisation, waste classification and where necessary, undertake waste acceptance criteria (WAC) analyses. We promote the recovery of construction wastes and aim to achieve zero waste to landfill.

Land Remediation Tax Relief

Where clients and developments qualify, we can assist with claims for land remediation relief as part of tax returns. This allows businesses to claim relief of 150% of the clean-up cost from corporation tax for contaminated land remediation, the contamination not being caused or knowingly permitted by the company making the claim.

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