Domeble Environmental Assessment

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Delta-Simons was appointed by Domeble to deliver an environmental assessment in relation to the proposed development of computer-generated imagery (CGI) and virtual reality (VR) systems and solutions for the automotive industry as part of a funding grant awarded by Innovate UK.


Domeble is a premium rights managed stock library for photographic backplates, 360° HDRI domes and VR environments, tailored towards the automotive and product visualisation sectors. They support advertising agencies, manufacturers, creative production studios, and artists in producing creative and technical solutions that showcase leading brands and products.

The assessment focused on the reduction of travel emissions associated with the transition of franchised vehicle showrooms and test-drives to CGI and VR platforms, as well as taking into account the predicted reduction in customers that will visit showrooms once the technology is rolled out across the UK.

Scope of Works

Phase 1 - Baseline Assessment

Based on a combination of information provided by Domeble, publicly available information, independent research and review of third-party industry literature, Delta-Simons were able to gain an understanding of the current status quo for typical automotive operations in the UK.

Delta-Simons were able to estimate the number of journeys that members of the public make to showrooms; the quantity of vehicles that are transported to dealerships, manufacturing of additional vehicles for display and testing purposes; and average test drive times and distances. Delta-Simons were then able to calculate the greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions in relation to these processes and activities.

Phase 2 - Future Baseline Assessment

Based on dialogue with the Client to understand the extent to which travel emissions may be removed from operations both in the short and longer term, Delta-Simons were able to calculate the associated emissions reductions under a range of scenarios, including:

  • Travel emissions associated with vehicles transported from manufacturer to dealership;
  • Emissions related to speculative vehicle manufacturing required for display purposes in showrooms;
  • Travel emissions associated with customers visiting vehicle dealerships;
  • Travel emissions associated with vehicle test driving;
  •  Energy emissions associated with a reduced number of car showrooms; and
  • Travel emissions associated with reduced commuting from employees in the car retail sector.

Outcomes / Client Benefit

Greenhouse Gas (GHG) Emissions resulting from the UK automotive industry and new car dealerships in particular are large, amounting to over an estimated 927,367 tonnes of carbon dioxide equivalent (tCO2e) each year.

Domeble’s proposed technology has the potential to contribute significantly towards a reduction in emissions over the next 4 years by an average of 438,015 tCO2e (47% reduction) as well as the next 30 years by 856,712 tCO2e (92% reduction).

If Domeble were to distribute their solution to 10% of the current franchised car dealerships in the UK by the close of 2024, the technology would help to realise an annual emission saving of 67,743 tCO2e per year by 2030 and 85,671 tCO2e per year by 2050.

The GHG emissions savings estimated to be achieved per year by 2030 is the equivalent of:

  • 3,350 UK homes’ annual carbon footprint (equivalent to the population of Ashbourne, Kent);
  • 41,817 return flights between London and New York; and
  • 3,100,000 trees being planted.