Materials Management Support To Hydroelectric Scheme

  • Image showing a hydroelectric plant

Contaminated Land



Material & Waste Management

Geo-environmental Consultants

Delta-Simons was asked to characterise materials at two sites to provide advice on geo-environmental constraints and re-use or disposal options.


The Client was assessing the feasibility of hydroelectric schemes along major waterways in the northwest, including one in a disused lock adjacent to a marine environment, and another adjacent to a weir.

Scope of Works

Delta-Simons conducted Site characterisation exercises at both sites including:

  • Materials sampling and analysis;
  • Preliminary Waste Classification of Materials
  • Waste Acceptance Criteria Analysis;
  • Reporting on Site constraints and potential opportunities with regards the materials;
  • Regulatory engagement to support planning condition discharge

Geo-environmental engineer collecting material for analysis

Outcome and Client Benefit

Our Client received:

  • A clear understanding of the materials management implications resulting from the geochemical nature of the materials;
  • Advice (for a non-UK business) on the sites in the context of relevant UK legislation;
  • A robust conceptualisation of geo-environmental risk and support top the discharge of contaminated land planning conditions in relation to the Site at the weir;
  • Support to their progress towards delivering sustainable energy generation for a northwest-based national property and transport business.