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Sustainability & BREEAM Consultant - University Centre, Oldham

Delta-Simons was appointed by Tolent Construction to help attain a retrospective BREEAM ‘Very Good' rating for the University Centre, Oldham.


Delta-Simons was appointed by Tolent Construction to help attain a retrospective BREEAM ‘Very Good' rating for the University Centre, Oldham.

An existing BREEAM review for the University Centre, Oldham had been carried out indicating there was insufficient evidence to prove the scheme had achieved the necessary ‘Very Good' rating and this posed a potentially significant issue relating to the sale of the building.

Our team was instructed to carry out a review of the BREEAM criteria relevant to the mixed-use development in order to highlight areas where extra credits could be obtained, facilitate actions to achieve these credits, and to coordinate the management of the associated data.

Because of the work carried out by us, Tolent Construction were able to achieve a BREEAM ‘Very Good' rating.

We acted as sustainability consultants, focusing on sustainability monitoring and reporting to Advantage West Midlands and our client Gazeley.

Outline / Scope of Works

Our team then undertook a comprehensive review of the bespoke BREEAM Assessment criteria for the building, identifying areas where credits were achievable and by working closely with the client to prioritise these, we pursued only the most time and cost-effective points.

The scope of works included engagement with the architect, the coordination of thermal modelling and acoustic consultants, and liaison with key suppliers to obtain the relevant supporting material specification data.

In addition, our ecology division undertook a review of existing documentation in order to demonstrate that the site prior to construction was of low ecological value, so achieving additional ecology-related points.

Outcome / Client Benefits

It is notoriously difficult to retrospectively collate information and demonstrate compliance for a building completed some years ago but by working closely with the principal contractor, architect, consultants and the BREEAM assessor, we were able to collate the required data into an assessable format and demonstrate that the University Centre, Oldham could achieve BREEAM ‘Very Good' certification. With the information gathered in an efficient manner and to tight time frames, the client was prevented from having to pursue more complex and costly BREEAM criteria.

The University Centre, Oldham has since been awarded BREEAM ‘Very Good' certification, thereby removing this issue relating to the sale of the property.

"Delta-Simons did a great job getting to grips quickly with the project and successfully assisting us in achieving the BREEAM very good rating, thereby removing this potentially significant obstacle to the sale of the building. I will certainly come back to Delta-Simons for BREEAM related advice in the future."

Doug Shield, Operations Director, Tolent Construction

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