Ventilation System Fume Extractor Environmental Noise Survey

Contract Overview

Delta-Simons is a multi-disciplinary environmental and health and safety consultancy providing trusted Environmental Planning advice and solutions to ‘Protect People and Planet’ through facilitating sustainable development.

Our client’s building assets feature multiple rooftop fume extractors as part of their intricate ventilation system. Our specialist noise team was commissioned by our Higher Education client to conduct environmental noise assessments.

Contract Challenges

Fume and scrubber extractor fans are common causes of noise complaints.

According to ‘State of the environment: health, people and the environment’ (Environment Agency, 2021), noise is second only to air pollution as a cause of pollution-related disease. Conducting acoustic surveys is imperative to protecting both people and the environment from the impacts of elevated noise levels.

Our Solution

In order to evaluate the noise generated by the extractors, our Acoustician strategically positioned and operated noise loggers on our client's rooftop. These loggers continuously monitor noise, offering the flexibility to track sound levels over various durations, enabling us to gauge their effects on nearby communities and assess potential sites for permanent installations as needed for compliance investigations. 

Our Acoustician then collected noise samples in nearby public areas, measuring the immediate environmental noise impacts of the fume extractor.

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Delta-Simons has extensive experience in undertaking acoustic assessments for a wide range of projects, including residential, commercial, education, industrial and highways-related developments. 

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